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Classified Employee of the Year Award and Recognition Program Guidelines


The program provides an employee award and recognition system authorized by K.S.A. 75-37, 105. The program is designed to recognize an employee's contribution to the objectives of Kansas State University through excellence in performance and service.

Colleges and/or Administrative Units may select their Employee of the Year based on either:

  • A notable event or achievement that is significant in scope, effort or impact on department operations or service to the campus community, or
  • Execution of duties of the position far beyond the service level commonly expected by the employee's customers that is of great benefit to, or reflects highly on, the department and or the university.

The award should indicate achievement well beyond the norm. In general, the minimum required level of achievement should not be so high as to be unattainable by employees who are generally recognized as performing in an outstanding manner, nor so low that the award looses significance by being easily attainable.


All classified benefits eligible regular, full or part time employees are eligible.

This award is recognized at the Classified Employee Recognition Ceremony in the spring.

Each fiscal year departments may select one employee for the award or two employees, as co-recipients, may be selected for the award.

Monetary Awards

Colleges and/or Administrative Units, Departments may provide a monetary award to an employee or co-recipients of $300 (net of taxes) individually, under this program during a fiscal year. The award will be paid using department funds or foundation funds.

All monetary awards must meet the conditions for a discretionary bonus set out in 29 C.F.R. 778.211. The monetary award must meet each of the following conditions in order to qualify as a discretionary bonus:

  • The Colleges and/or Administrative Units retain total discretion both as to the fact of the award and as to the amount and nature of any award;
  • The amount and the nature of an award, if any, is determined by the Colleges and/or Administrative Units without prior promise or agreement;
  • The employee has no contract right, express or implied, to any award; and
  • The award is not paid pursuant to any prior contract, agreement, or promise.

In effect, discretionary awards are not anticipated or expected by an employee. For example, if an employee knows that an award will be given if he or she does "x, y, and z", the award becomes nondiscretionary. This type of award is not allowed under the state guidelines.

Program Procedures

Award Payment

Monetary awards must be paid through the payroll system and included in taxable gross income, and are subject to all applicable taxes and employer contributions. These include federal and state withholding taxes, OASDI, Medicare, Unemployment Compensation Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and State Leave Assessment. Monetary awards are not subject to deductions under the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).

The maximum allowable amount is $300 (net of taxes) per individual per fiscal year. The request for payment to the Employee(s) shall be submitted to HR-Payroll&Employee Data on PER-7 (pdf). Do not submit these awards on the Add Pay form. The suggested time frame should be in conjunction with the classified awards and recognition program.

The earnings code for monetary awards will be:

  • DAA- Distinguished Accomplishment Award

If you have any questions, please contact your Liaison, Payroll & Employee Data, at 532-6277 or e-mail at