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Kansas State University

Classified Personnel Changes

Name Changes

Address Changes and Personal Data Changes

  • A PER 39 (pdf) is required, unless it is a time of year when employee information update forms have been distributed for updating.
  • Timely updates are important so paychecks and advices are mailed to correct address. If the employee is moving to a different city, check to see if the employee's health insurance plan is available in that county, if applicable. A change in health plans may be required.

Work Address and Phone Changes

  • Work address or Mail Drop ID and work phone are updated on Position. Changes should be submitted on a PER-36. (pdf)
  • Mail drop ID will appear in the Campus Phonebook. List room number first and then building. For example 103 Edwards.

FTE Changes

  • Departments wanting to permanently increase FTE on a vacant position that does not have FTE available must request additional FTE through the Budget Office. If position is filled departments must first contact the Division of Human Resources.
  • Temporary increases in FTE for less than 60 days are okay. No action needs to be taken regarding the budget, and no paperwork is required. Hours are simply reported in HRIS.
  • Departments must contact the Division of Human Resources if they wish to decrease FTE on regular positions.
  • Please refer to PPM Chapter 4210, Position Management Funding and Other Changes for Classified Positions for further information.

Step Increases

Note: Individual Classified Pay Step Increases frozen since FY 2002
  • Employees eligible for pay increases must have a current (within the preceding 12 months) evaluation of satisfactory or better on file in order to receive.
  • Steps 4 and 5 are six-month steps. Employees must be on these steps a full 6 months. The step date itself is determined by the date of appointment (i.e., appointment date of 6/3 to step 4 means a next step date of 12/3).
  • Steps 6 through 14 are one-year steps.
  • When an employee reaches step 15, they will no longer receive step movements - just cost-of-living adjustments.
  • If an employee receives a satisfactory evaluation after being given an unsatisfactory, and if this employee was due a pay increase during this time, the pay increase will be given with the effective date of the satisfactory evaluation. The new increase date will become that date.
  • Pay increases are automated. Information can be viewed by each pay period by accessing Compensation > Salary Planning > Group Increases in HRIS for your department(s).
  • A common misconception is that pay increases and evaluation due dates go hand-in-hand. This may or may not be true. Depending on what type of actions the employee has incurred (i.e., promotions, reallocations) during their course of employment, these two dates may be months apart.

Length of Service

  • This means total time worked in the classified or unclassified service, excluding temporary or student service.
  • All employees receive the same amount of credit for service whether working part time or full time.
  • Voluntary leave without pay for more than 30 days does not count toward length of service.
  • Involuntary leaves without pay for more than 30 days does not affect length of service.
  • Leave without pay for less than 30 days is not considered a break so the length of service is not affected.
  • Length of service determines the employees leave accrual and bonuses received
  • Length of service will be calculated by HR. No paperwork is necessary.

Longevity Bonuses

  • Based upon length of service, an employee will be eligible to receive a longevity bonus when 10 years of service is met.
  • The bonus is computed by multiplying $40 by the number of years of service.
  • The bonus begins at $400 for 10 years of service. The maximum that can be paid is $1,000
  • Longevity bonuses are automated. Information can be viewed the second week of each pay period by accessing > Compensation > Salary Planning > Longevity Bonus > Classified Longevity Bonus in HRIS for your department(s).