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Human Resources Newsletter

December 10, 2010

Topics included in this issue:

HR Staff Pages Updated

We have updated our Staff Pages to reflect the appropriate assignments or duties of our staff. They are located on the left hand side of our webpage under HR Staff. You will find our staff listed in alpha-order, by duty, and by duty within each section. The alpha order also lists our email addresses. We hope this is helpful when you need our assistance or have a question.

Signatures on the Change or Separation Form (PER-39)

When a benefit eligible employee separates from Kansas State University, a Change or Separation Form (PER-39) (pdf) must be submitted to Human Resources. It has recently come to our attention that employees are sometimes unaware of their separation information. We have found that in many instances the PER-39 is not signed by the employee. To be certain each employee is fully aware of their separation date, HR requests that benefit eligible employees sign the PER-39. If a signed Exit Interview (PER-16) (pdf), Letter of Resignation or Notification of Retirement (PER-37) (pdf) is submitted along with the Change or Separation Form (PER-39), we will not require the signature on the PER-39 because it already exists on one of the other forms. In all other instances, the signature will be required.

After the separation documents are completed and signed, please provide a copy of the form(s) to the employee for their own personal records.

The employee signature is not required when terminating a temporary (no benefits), hourly or graduate student employee. These employees may be terminated directly in HRIS by entering an Appointment End Date. If you have any questions, please contact your HR liaison at 785-532-6277.

Payroll Funding Impacted by Retirement Plan Type Changes

Effective 12/12/10, the Division of Human Resources has implemented functionality in HRIS to monitor retirement plan contributions in compliance with federal limits and to automatically stop deductions as limits are met. In order to take advantage of PeopleSoft delivered functionality, implementation required us to convert our regents' retirement plans to 403(b) savings plans (see link below for new plan types and benefit plans).

Although this implementation will not be apparent to most departments, it does affect departments who enter the plan type of "regents" in payroll funding for positions. Departments need to use plan type "nonelect" (Nonelective Contributions) in place of "regents" in payroll funding for effective-dated rows 12/12/10 and forward. A mass funding update program ran in HRIS to insert a 12/12/10 effective-dated row and changed the plan types from "regents" to "nonelect". We encourage departments to run WPOS101 (Position Funding by Dept) report (pdf) as of 12/12/10 to confirm these changes. (pdf)

You will also note that we changed the Aetna benefit plan and deduction codes to ING. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Cindy Sicard or Jennifer Gehrt at 785-532-6277.

Student Employment Date Reminders

For the fall 2010 semester, the last day of employment for graduating students is Friday, December 17, 2010. Students not graduating and not enrolled for the spring semester may be employed through January 17, 2011. To employ them beyond these dates, they must be put on a different type of appointment. New students for the spring semester may begin employment January 9, 2011. Information on current payroll and employment dates can be found Important Payroll and Employment Dates.

Classified Award of Excellence Open for Nominations

Nominations for the Classified Award of Excellence will be accepted in Human Resources through January 28, 2011. For more information about the award program and for the nomination form, see Questions regarding the award program should be addressed to Jennifer Gehrt, Director of Human Resources Services and selection committee chair, at 785-532-6277.


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