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Human Resources Newsletter

December 7, 2012

Topics included in this issue:

Health Insurance Information

K-State had 937 employees enroll in the greatly improved high deductible Plan C for the 2013 Health Plan year, which is approximately 25% of all enrollments. This high deductible plan was a new concept for many and there are some specific follow-up steps that need to be taken by each employee enrolled in Plan C.

Health Insurance Plan C Reminder: Employees who enrolled in Plan C starting January 1 and who have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) this year, must file all FSA claims and be cleared by December 31, 2012, or the State.s contribution to the Health Savings Account (HSA) will be delayed until after March 15 and prorated accordingly.

Plan C and USBank Accounts: Email and postal mail notices were sent this week to 2013 Plan C participants. The email comes from Please check your spam folder if you have not seen this email, or contact with your full name and Employee ID number in the body of the message.

Erroneous debit cards/information were sent to some employees by SelectAccount, a previous HSA bank. If you received any information recently from SelectAccount and you did not have an HSA with them during 2012, please disregard and discard.

HealthQuest Screenings start January 14! Dates and information will be posted on the Division of Human Resources Hot Topics web page by Monday, December 10.

Confirmation Statements: HR will announce when the 2013 confirmation statements are ready for employees to review.

Student Employment Date Reminders

Current hourly and graduate student employees who will not be returning in the spring semester may remain on the payroll until January 19, 2013. (This includes those who graduate from KSU in December.) If you wish to employ these individuals beyond January 19, 2013, you will need to submit paperwork to Human Resources to appoint them on some other type of appointment as they cannot remain in a student or graduate student position after this date.

New students for the spring semester may begin employment starting the first pay period of the spring semester - January 20, 2013 or after.

Please contact your HR liaison with questions.

Unclassified Data Report

The Unclassified Data Report provides a comprehensive view of unclassified data and is an excellent tool for tracking contract end dates as well as tenure data. This report now includes a CSV file option for Microsoft Excel to enable sorting term contracts by contract end date.

Instructions: (pdf)

HRIS Pay Rate Change On-Line Process

The Pay Rate Change on-line process now allows the ability to enter pay rate changes for hourly students, grads and other temporary non-benefit eligible employees. When updating this page, use only current pay period or future effective dates. Retroactive pay rate changes require a paper transaction submitted to HR.

Instructions: (pdf)

Holiday Clarification for Full-Time and Part-Time Employees

Full-time employees who work an irregular schedule, with the holiday NOT being part of their schedule, should receive the same number of holidays as any other full time employee. Their holiday should be planned in advance with their supervisor.

Part-time employees only receive the holiday if it is part of their regular schedule.

Employee Leaves, Holidays, and Other Absences for Employees of Kansas State University


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