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Human Resources Newsletter

November 13, 2009

Topics included in this issue:

View Employee Self Service Paycheck

Department personnel specialists now have access to view their employee's paycheck data exactly how the employee sees it in Employee Self Service.

North America > Payroll Processing USA > Produce Payroll > Review Self Service Paycheck

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

2009 Discretionary Day

The last day an employee may use their 2009 Discretionary Day is Saturday, December 26, 2009. Please remind any eligible employees in your department who have not used their 2009 Discretionary Day.

To view only Discretionary Day balances, run the Leave Accruals Report, then select the "Discretionary Only" radio button within the report request parameters. Report Instructions:

Employees may determine if they have an available Discretionary Day by accessing the View Leave Balances page in Employee Self Service. If the words "Discretionary Day" appear on the View Leave Balances page, they have a Discretionary Day available.

For future reference, the 2010 Discretionary Day may be used any day from December 27, 2009 through December 25, 2010.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

New HRIS Report: Continuously Vacant Positions

The Continuously Vacant Position Report was created to assist with identifying positions that have been CONTINUOUSLY VACANT for at least a one year prior to the selected AS OF DATE and may be run at any time.

HRIS Tip: When possible, reuse positions instead of creating new ones to keep the number of positions to a minimum. To permanently inactivate a position, please submit a Position Data Sheet (PER-36) to the Division of Human Resources.

Path: Organizational Development > Position Management > Position Reports > Continuously Vacant Positions Instructions: (pdf)

2010 Tax Treaty Renewal for Non Residents

Each year non resident employees who are eligible for tax treaty benefits must complete new forms, IRS Form 8233 and Appendix A (students) or Appendix B (professors, teachers) in order to receive the benefits. On November 13, 2009 a memo was sent to Personnel Specialists along with a listing of non resident employees who had tax treaty benefits in 2009. You may view this memo at In order for eligible employees to have tax treaty benefits begin with the first check in January 2010, the new forms need to be returned to Human Resources by December 4, 2009. Questions may be referred to Patricia Schwandt or Frieda Beat, Payroll & Employee Data, (785) 532-6277.


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