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Topics included in the November 3, 2006 issue:

* Daylight Saving Time
* Reminder 2006 Discretionary Day
* Automated Employment Income Verifications
* Veteran's Day

Daylight Saving Time
EXEMPT employees time and leave entry will NOT be affected by daylight saving time.

NONEXEMPT employees who worked during this time (Sunday, October 29, 2:00 a.m.) will be compensated as follows: Nonexempt employees who worked during the time when the clock was set back (Sunday, October 29, at 2:00 a.m.) will have an extra hour. All hours actually worked on Sunday will be recorded as regular (REG) hours. (Example: 8-hour shift 9 REG hours will be recorded if the employee worked during the time change on Sunday.) If the employee did not adjust their work schedule for the rest of the workweek, they could potentially receive overtime pay (OTP) or compensatory time earned (CME) at the end of the 10/29/2006-11/04/2006 work week. Remember that overtime is not reported until an employee has met their FLSA weekly limit (40 hours).

Please contact Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448 or Kristi Fronce at (785) 532-1889, if you need further explanation.

Reminder 2006 Discretionary Day
The last day an employee may use their 2006 Discretionary Day is Saturday, December 16, 2006. Please remind any eligible employees in your department who have not used their 2006 Discretionary Day. The 2007 Discretionary Day may be used any day from December 17, 2006 through December 29, 2007.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

Automated Employment Income Verifications
Kansas State University uses The Work Number to provide automated employment and income verifications for our employees.

For those who need employment and/or income verification for lending institutions (i.e., mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes, etc.), KSU now partners with The Work Number, a company who provides automated verification information. KSU employees have control of the process by providing authorization to the lending institution. 

Brochures will be provided to personnel specialists early next week and an email will be sent to all employees advising them of this new process. Detailed information is located at: http://www.k-state.edu/hr/payroll/empver.htm or www.theworknumber.com

Veteran's Day
Veteran's Day will be observed, Friday, November 10. In accordance with Board of Regents policy and the KSU Faculty Handbook, it is not a holiday for Regents unclassified employees because classes are in session.

Any full-time or part time CLASSIFIED employee, on a REGULAR work schedule, who does or does not work on Veteran's Day, will receive holiday credit equal to the number of hours normally scheduled to work that day.  Please do not delete the holiday credit ... these employees receive holiday credit regardless if they work or not on the holiday.

Any part-time classified employee, on an IRREGULAR work schedule, who does or does not work on Veteran's Day, does not receive holiday credit but is compensated at the time and half rate for those hours worked on the holiday.

Any full-time or part-time classified employee who works on the holiday will use either Holiday Comp Time 1.5 (HCP) or Holiday Pay 1.5 (HDP) to record all hours worked on the holiday.

A TEMPORARY classified employee will NOT receive holiday credit but is paid at the time and half rate for those hours worked on a holiday. Holiday Pay 1.5 (HDP) will be used to record time worked on the holiday for a temporary classified employee.

Veteran's Day is not a Board of Regents unclassified holiday and should be treated like any other work day for all UNCLASSIFIED employees. If an unclassified employee takes the day off, they will need to use leave (i.e., vacation leave, sick leave, etc.). Do not use any holiday earnings codes for your unclassified employees for that day.

Scenarios: http://www.k-state.edu/hr/project/tltips.html#vet

Questions may be directed to Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448 or Kristi Fronce at (785) 532-1889.

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November 3, 2006