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Human Resources Newsletter

October 31, 2008

Topics included in this issue:


Attorney General Steve Six reminds employers that they must give their employees time to vote next Tuesday, November 4th. According to Kansas law, on Election Day an employee is entitled to two hours to vote while the polls are open. The employer can specify the time, but the employer cannot force the employee to vote over their lunch hour.

"It is important that employers make sure their employees have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process," Six said. The law about voting and leave is K.S.A. 25-418 (See below).

*K.S.A. 25-418. Leave allowance for employees to vote; obstruction of voting privilege, penalty*

Any person entitled to vote at an election conducted by a county election officer in this state shall, on the day of such election, be entitled to absent himself from any service or employment in which he is then engaged or employed for a period of not to exceed two (2) consecutive hours between the time of opening and closing of polls: /Provided/, That if the polls are open before commencing work or after terminating work but the period of time the polls are so open is less than two (2) consecutive hours, he shall only be entitled to absent himself from such service or employment for such a period of time which, when added to the period of time the polls are so open, will not exceed two hours; and such voter shall not because of so absenting himself be liable to any penalty, nor shall deductions be made, on account of such absence, from his usual salary or wages.

The employer may specify the particular time during the day which said employee may absent himself as aforesaid except such specified time shall not include any time during the regular lunch period.

Obstruction of voting privilege is (a) intentionally obstructing an employee in his or her exercise of voting privilege or (b) imposing a penalty upon an employee exercising his or her voting privilege under this section.

Daylight Saving Time Ends November 2, 2008

EXEMPT employees will NOT be affected by daylight saving time. NONEXEMPT employees who work during this time will be compensated as follows: Nonexempt employees who work during the time when the clock is set back (Sunday, November 2, at 2:00 a.m.) will have an extra hour. All hours actually worked on Sunday will be recorded as regular (REG) hours. (Example: 8-hour shift, 9 REG hours will be recorded if the employee worked during the specified shift on Sunday.) If the employee does not adjust their work schedule for the workweek, they could potentially receive compensatory time earned (CME) or overtime pay (OTP) at the end of the 11/02/08-11/08/2008 workweek. Remember that overtime is not reported until an employee has met their FLSA limit (40 hours).

Please contact Alma Deutsch at, 532-1448, or Kristi Fronce at, 532-1889, if you need further explanation.

HRIS Calendar/Schedule

The HRIS monthly calendars/schedules are now available through January 2009. Please watch timelines carefully, especially during the holidays.

Reminder - 2008 Discretionary Day

The last day an employee may use their 2008 Discretionary Day is Saturday, December 27, 2008. Please remind any eligible employees in your department who have not used their 2008 Discretionary Day.

The 2009 Discretionary Day may be used any day from December 28, 2008 through December 26, 2009.

To view only Discretionary Day balances, run the Leave Accruals Report, select Discretionary Only within the report request parameters. Report Instructions:

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

Veteran's Day 2008 Scenarios

Veteran's Day will be observed, Tuesday, November 11, 2008. This year, Veteran's Day is a designated holiday for both classified and most unclassified employees; however, it is not a student holiday and classes will be in session. Any employee who accrues annual leave is eligible for Veteran.s Day. Note: Most 9-month unclassified employees do not accrue annual leave.

Details and Scenarios: (pdf)

Documents Required for Foreign Students to Obtain a Social Security Number

Foreign students must report to the International Student Center before going to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to apply for a social security number. The International Student Center is responsible for providing documentation stating the student is authorized to work on-campus and is currently enrolled in a full course of study. The hiring department is responsible for providing evidence of employment. These documents plus the following documents are required by the SSA: evidence of age, proof of identity and alien status. Once all these documents are obtained the student may visit the Social Security Administration and complete the application for a Social Security Card (SS-5).

To streamline this process, the International Student Center designed a Verification of Employment for Social Security form. The hiring department completes the top portion of the form, prints it on department letterhead and has the student submit the form to the International Student Center for completion of the bottom portion. The form is available at (pdf)

For more detailed information on the requirements for issuing social security numbers for foreign nationals please refer to

Updated Background Check Request Form

The Background Check Request Form (pdf) has been updated to include the "Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft" document along with the "Summary of Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" that is required by law to be issued to the applicant when completing this form.

The updated Per-59 also now includes a For HR Use Only section for internal record keeping. For questions, please contact Kris Mauck at (785) 532-6277 or by email at

Employment Reminders

Requests submitted to Employment Services for filling vacant regular Classified positions must include the following documentation:

  1. Request for Certified Names, (Per-5) (pdf)
  2. A copy of the letter or email with approval to waive recruitment
  3. Initial Screening of Candidates, (AA-28) Excel
  4. Interview questions.

Contact Cheryl Grice, Employment Services with questions at (785) 532-6277.


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