Division of Human Resources-Newsletter
Topics included in the October 24, 2003 issue:

* Classified Temporary Appointments
* Employee Self Service: W-4 Tax Information and Training Summary
* Department Notification
* New HRIS Report
* Position Funding by Department Report
* Daylight Saving Time

Classified Temporary Appointments
Temporary appointments for the classified service must be approved by Employment Services prior to any other action. Please contact Cheryl Grice at the Division of Human Resources, (785) 532-1899 when you have temporary employment needs.

Employee Self Service: W-4 Tax Information and Training Summary
Employees now have the ability to update/view their W-4 tax information and view their training summary in HRIS Self Service. Instructions:

Employees who maintain a visa or employees with state tax other than Kansas will continue to complete paper forms and will not have access to their W-4 tax information in Employee Self Service.

Changes may be made up until the day prior to payroll confirm. To ensure that a W-4 tax information change will be reflected on the next pay check, employees should update the information by the pay day prior to the next pay check. Ex: Update by Friday, November 7, for the pay check to be received on November 21.

Department Notification
When a new employee becomes part of the K-State community, they register and select a K-State eID (electronic ID) and password. When the new employee is hired in HRIS, an e-mail message, with step-by-step instructions, indicating the need to verify affiliation with K-State will be sent to the employee. Beginning Tuesday, October 28, department personnel specialists will also receive an e-mail notification that the employee has been hired in HRIS. This will enable the department personnel specialists to assist employees with the affiliation process that allows them access to Employee Self Service, Web mail, Unix, or Central e-mail. The K-State Affiliation step is the final step to creating a K-State eID and begins on page 11 within the following document:

New HRIS Report
The Active Position Listing report is now available to department personnel specialists. This report lists active positions within a specified department, excluding hourly student positions, and displays: Employee name, Emplid, position #, job title, reports to, reports to title, reports to name, work county, work phone, mail drop (campus address) and business title. In the past, this report was sent to departments to verify information for the Campus Phone Book. Report location: Administer Workforce > Administer HR(KSU) > Rpt_HR2 > Active Position Listing 

Position Funding by Department Report
The Position Funding by Department Report now displays an hourly compensation rate instead of an annual rate for graduate assistants. This change reflects the FLSA status change from exempt to nonexempt for all graduate assistant positions effective August 31, 2003. Report location: Define Business Rules  >  Define Commit Accounting(KSU)  >  Report  >  Position Funding by Dept 

Daylight Saving Time
EXEMPT employees will NOT be affected by daylight saving time. NONEXEMPT employees who worked during this time (Sunday, October 26, 2:00 a.m.) will be compensated as follows: Nonexempt employees who worked during the time when the clock was set back (Sunday, October 26, at 2:00 a.m.) will have an extra hour. All hours actually worked on Sunday will be recorded as regular (REG) hours. (Example: 8-hour shift 9 REG hours will be recorded if the employee worked during the specified shift on Sunday.) If the employee did not adjust their work schedule for the rest of the workweek, they could potentially receive overtime pay (OTP) or compensatory time earned (CME) at the end of the 10/26/2003-11/01/2003 workweek. Remember that overtime is not reported until an employee has met their FLSA limit (40 hours). Please contact Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448, if you need further explanation.

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