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Human Resources Newsletter

October 14, 2011

Topics included in this issue:

Veteran's Day 2011

Veteran's Day will be observed, Friday, November 11, 2011. Veteran's Day is a designated holiday for both classified and most unclassified employees; however, it is not a student holiday and classes will be in session. Any employee who accrues annual leave is eligible for Veteran.s Day. Note: Most 9-month unclassified employees do not accrue annual leave. Only those 9-month unclassified employees who are non-instructional will accrue annual leave if in a benefit eligible position.

Details and Scenarios: (pdf)

Daylight Saving Time Ends November 6, 2011

EXEMPT employees will NOT be affected by daylight saving time. NONEXEMPT employees who work during this time will be compensated as follows: Nonexempt employees who work during the time when the clock is set back (Sunday, November 6, at 2:00 a.m.) will have an extra hour. All hours actually worked on Sunday will be recorded as regular (REG) hours. (Example: 8-hour shift - 9 REG hours will be recorded if the employee worked during the specified shift on Sunday.) If the employee does not adjust his or her work schedule for the workweek, the employee could potentially receive compensatory time earned (CME) or overtime pay (OTP) at the end of the 10/30/11-11/05/2011 work week. Remember that overtime is not earned until an employee has met the FLSA limit (40 hours). Please contact Alma Deutsch at, (785) 532-1448, or Kristi Fronce at, (785) 532-1889, if you need further explanation.


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