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Human Resources Newsletter

October 11, 2013

Topics included in this issue:

Unclassified Mid Year Merit and Targeted Enhancement Salary Increase

Information regarding the unclassified mid year merit and targeted enhancement salary increase process was sent to the Vice Presidents, Deans and Business Officers on October 8, 2013. These salary increases will be entered in the on line entry area of the budget system for both budgeted and non budgeted positions receiving these increases.

The budget entry area will be open Wednesday, November 13th and close Friday, December 6th. Those who normally update the budget will be responsible for this process. The increased unclassified salaries will be copied from the on line entry area of the budget system into job data in HRIS for the pay period beginning December 8, 2013 paid on January 3, 2014 for twelve month employees and for the pay period beginning January 5, 2014 paid on January 31, 2014 for nine month employees.

HR has created a process in HRIS to print letters for those employees who receive a pay increase. This letter will serve as an addendum to the employee's contract. The letter will show the effective date of the change, and the employee's new biweekly rate. This letter process is the same as last year.

Questions regarding this process should be directed to your Dean's office or Administrative unit's office.

2013 Discretionary Day

For eligible employees whose last workday of a week is Friday, the last day to use the 2013 Discretionary Day is Friday, December 20, 2013. For employees whose last workday of a week is Saturday, the last day to use the 2012 Discretionary Day is Saturday, December 21, 2013. Employees need to check with their supervisor when scheduling their discretionary day.

Employees may determine if they still have an available Discretionary Day by looking on the View Leave Balances page in Employee Self Service. If they see the Plan Type, D-Day, listed on their View Leave Balances page, they still have a Discretionary Day available.

Leave Balance Correction Sheet Revised

The Leave Balance Correction Sheet (PER-9) has been revised. To clarify which pay period is being adjusted as well as the corrected leave balance, we have added a column "Current balance as of" and "Correct balance as of". This will assist HR staff in making the adjustments. Please contact Mary Beth Rhoads at 532-1891 or with questions or concerns.

HRIS Access Report

The HRIS Access Report assists with tracking HRIS security access and may be run at any time. Path: Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > HRIS Access

For those HRIS users who have had a change in responsibilities, a HRIS Access Form needs to be completed and submitted to modify security access. An automated process eliminates HRIS access, except Employee Self Service, for those who have separated from the university — no need to submit a HRIS Access Form to delete access for these individuals.

HRIS Access Form/Instructions/Role Definitions:

Questions concerning HRIS security access may be directed to Alma Deutsch at, (785) 532-1448 or Frieda Beat at, (785) 532-1884.

2014 Health Savings Account Contributions

As you know, the State's contribution to the Health Savings Account (HSA) will be in two installments in 2014, the first of which will be January 17, 2014 (the 2nd paycheck in January). The second deposit will be made between July 3, and July 10, 2014, even for those who do not receive paychecks in the summer months. Please reassure your nine month employees that the second deposit will be made at this time.


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