Division of Human Resources-Newsletter
Topics included in the October 11, 2002 issue:

* HRIS 8 Upgrade
* Conversion of Operator Classes to Roles in HRIS 8 Security
* Education Savings Program
* Tuition Assistance
* Faculty Leave Report forms now available

HRIS 8 Upgrade
The HRIS upgrade to PeopleSoft 8 will begin at noon on Thursday, October 17. The on-cycle payroll will be processed one day earlier than usual next week; please refer to the HRIS Schedule for unusual deadlines

When HRIS is unavailable to you during the upgrade process, October 17 through October 22, it will also be unavailable for the HR staff. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you or your employees. We will make every effort to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible after the upgrade.

Conversion of Operator Classes to Roles in HRIS 8 Security
In HRIS 8, instead of Operator Classes, HRIS users will now be assigned to one or more roles. Current active HRIS users will be assigned to roles that will give them similar HRIS 8 permissions (access) to what was granted in HRIS 7.51. Permissions have been slightly modified so they may not be exact. The instructions with the conversion chart for changing from Operator Class in HRIS 7.51 to Roles in HRIS 8 is found at To add or delete a particular role for yourself or one of your department users, please complete and submit a revised HRIS/PeopleSoft Access form found at If you have no changes, you do not need to take any action. After the HRIS 8 upgrade if you no longer have the correct access to a page, component or menu, please contact Jennifer Gehrt at, (785) 532-1886.

Education Savings Program
The Division of Human Resources and the State of Kansas Treasurer's Office are hosting an informational seminar concerning the Kansas Learning Quest Education Savings Program on October 29, 2002, from 1:30pm - 2:30pm, in the K-State Student Union, room 213. This 529 college savings program, administered by American Century, provides numerous tax benefits and competitive features to help save for a college education.

Questions should be addressed to Benefits Administration at (785) 532-6277.

Tuition Assistance
The Tuition and Educational Assistance Committee is accepting tuition assistance applications for the January 2003 intersession and the Spring 2003 semester. The tuition assistance program is available to both classified and unclassified professional staff employees. Details about this program and the application form (PER-32) are contained in KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4870, which can be found on the web at: The most current application form is dated January 2002.

An original application, along with required supporting documents for the January 2003 intersession and Spring 2003 semester are due in the Division of Human Resources by close of business, November 1, 2002.

Questions should be addressed to Joe Younger, Division of Human Resources, at (785) 532-6277, or e-mail: BENADMIN@K-STATE.EDU.

Faculty Leave Report forms now available
The Kansas State University Faculty Leave Report form that is available for purchase at KSU Office Supply store has now been reprinted with accurate information. We were informed that the information on the back of the newly printed forms was not accurate. This has been corrected and they are now available for purchase. Please contact Sandi Barnes at KSU Office Supply located in the K-State Student Union.

“Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.” -- Hindu proverb

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October 11, 2002