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Human Resources Newsletter

September 13, 2013

Topics included in this issue:

HRIS Response Time

HRIS technicians have been monitoring HRIS to identify reports, processes and searches that are taking an unusual amount of system resources. They identified several HRIS searches that are using a tremendous amount of system resources. To reduce the amount of system resources used when conducting a search in HRIS — accessing a page ― please use the entire Department ID, Employee ID, Position Number, etc. The system will respond faster and use less system resources so others experience a faster response too. We appreciate your efforts in assisting us with this issue.

Compensatory Time Leave Balances

This is a reminder that KSU policy prohibits classified non-exempt employees from earning over 120 hours of compensatory time. Please run your department leave accrual report to identify those employees who are close to, or over, the limit.

While HRIS may initially accept a time entry resulting in an accumulation of over 120 hours, it will also identify the limit has been met and reduce the balance to 120 hours. There is no automatic payout of these hours so it is imperative that the department monitor accordingly to ensure no hours are lost. Supervisors may encourage employees to use Compensatory Time Taken (CMT) at the earliest convenience in lieu of vacation leave. Compensatory Time Payout (CTP) is used to payout part or all of comp time balance for a nonexempt employee.

KSU Policy & Procedures Manual, Chapter 4220, states that employees are limited to 120 hours compensatory time and any hours in excess of this limit must be paid. Employees who have accrued compensatory time may also be required to use the time within a reasonable period after receiving notice from the department to do so. Please refer to Chapter 4220 for more information.

Please contact your HR liaison at (785) 532-6277 with questions.

Payroll Chat for September

The Payroll Chat Newsletter for September has been published. This is an informal newsletter that addresses current topics of importance in payroll.

If you have topics you would like to see us address in the newsletter, please email the topic to one of the HR liaisons


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