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Human Resources Newsletter

August 31, 2012

Topics included in this issue:

Background Check Reminder

Remember that the applicant must, by law, keep the original PER-59 form and the attachments. We will send the original back to the hiring department to return to the applicant. The instructions for completion can be found on page two of the form.

Classified Employee Peer Review Committee (PRC)

The classified PEER review committee (PRC) is in need of additional members. Please ask classified employees in your area if they are interested in serving on this very important committee.

In trying to resolve employment conflicts among employees as fairly as possible, the University provides a dispute resolution process for all permanent civil service and local agency classified employees of the University culminating in a full opportunity for a fair hearing before an impartial panel of classified employees in unresolved matters involving:

  • Performance evaluations;
  • Proposed disciplinary actions (demotions, decision-making leaves, dismissals); not involving discrimination under PPM Chapter 3010; and
  • Claims of unfair treatment not involving discrimination under PPM Chapter 3010

If you are interested in serving on the PRC, please contact Char Shropshire no later than September 7, 2012. She can be reached via e-mail ( or phone (532-6277).

Verification and/or Updates in HRIS
Academic Rank, Contract Data and Unclassified Data (Tenure and Faculty Senate Status)

It is a good practice to update academic rank, contract data and unclassified data (tenure and faculty senate status) when changes occur. Each year, for major administrative fiscal year reports, data needs to be verified and/or updated by October 1.

Process and Report Instructions:

Questions may be referred to your department's Human Resources, Payroll & Employee Data liaison at (785) 532-6277.

How You Can Help Us Help You

When contacting HR regarding an employee, please be prepared to provide the employee's full name, employee ID and a detailed explanation for the contact ... especially when leaving a message or sending an e-mail. This saves us time and ensures we are researching the topic for the correct employee and for a specific purpose.

End of Temporary Appointment Process - Decrease your workload!

There is no need to send non-benefit eligible employee (hourly students, graduate students, etc.) termination papers to HR. The End of Temporary Appointment process will automatically terminate individuals with appointment end dates you have entered in HRIS. You may enter appointment end dates for future, current or past (up to 6 months ago) pay periods. You will find that this is less work than completing a termination paper - and the results are immediate!



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