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Topics included in the August 30, 2002 issue:

* 2002 Discretionary Day
* Social Security Numbers for Foreign Nationals

2002 Discretionary Day
The last day an employee may use their 2002 Discretionary Day is Saturday, December 21, 2002. We suggest employees use their 2002 Discretionary Day in advance of the Christmas holiday week.

Please advise any eligible employees in your department who have not used their 2002 Discretionary Day of this provision.

Questions should be address to Benefits Administration, Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277, or e-mail:

Social Security Numbers for Foreign Nationals
The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responding to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the problem of identity fraud by changing the way Social Security numbers and cards are issued. Beginning September 1, 2002, before assigning a new Social Security number for a foreign resident, the SSA will verify their documents with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). If verification is not available on INSí online system, SSA will contact INS for verification, which could delay the issuance of a SSN by several weeks

This new procedure may cause the following problems:

We wanted you to be made aware of this potential delay in issuance of Social Security Numbers for new foreign residents. In addition, information regarding the requirements needed to obtain a Social Security Number for foreign residents at Kansas State University can be found at

Any questions regarding related employment regulations should be addressed to Frieda Beat, Division of Human Resources, (785) 532-6277; questions regarding on-campus work authorization should be addressed to the International Student Center for all foreign residents, including students, faculty and staff.

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August 30, 2002