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Human Resources Newsletter

August 17, 2012

Topics included in this issue:

HR Staff Changes

The Division of Human Resources is sorry to announce that Karla Bylund, Manager of Compensation and Classification, is leaving K-State effective August 24. We are in the process of initiating a search for her replacement. Jennifer Gehrt, Director of Human Resource Services, will manage the unit in the interim. Mylene Larson and Gina Lowe will continue working in the unit as well as supporting the training functions. Please be patient in this interim as we manage the responsibilities with fewer staff resources.

Employee Data Update Deadlines

The August 24, 2012 deadline for employee updates for the Campus Phone Book is fast approaching! Employees need to verify information in HRIS Employee Self Service and correct, if needed. If position and/or job data needs to be updated in HRIS, personnel specialists must also make these changes by the deadline. Please refer to the Human Resources home page under the "Hot Topics for Personnel Specialists" for information on how to update faculty and staff information in HRIS for the 2012-2013 Campus Phone Book. Contact your Human Resources liaison with additional questions.

In addition, on September 7, HR will provide employee mailing address information from HRIS to the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) for Health Insurance purposes that will then be used to send new insurance cards from the insurance providers directly to the employee home address in December or January.

Background Check Reminder

Employees being hired at Kansas State University for more than six months require a background check prior to being appointed to these positions. Hourly student employees do not require a background check; however, if an hourly student transfers to a graduate student, classified or unclassified position, a background check is required. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and the PPM Chapter 4015, Criminal Background Checks, for further information on the policy.

Updates Regarding Classified Recruitment

The deadline for submitting Request for Certified Names (PER-5) (pdf) and *supporting documents will be 5pm on Friday of each week for posting on the following week's "Classified Notice of Vacancy." All supporting documentation should be submitted with each (PER-5).

If there are updates to the position description (i.e. duties change, classification review/change, signatures missing, etc.) additional time may be required for review/approval before the position is posted.

For recruiting purposes -*Supporting documentation must include:

  1. Initial Screening of Candidates (AA-28) and**
  2. Interview questions **

**Include rating scale justification for screening and interview questions.

All documents may be submitted electronically to Please type RECRUITMENT in the subject line of the e-mail. Please note that appropriate authorized department signature is required on the Request for Certified Name (PER-5).

If you have questions or need assistance with screening criteria, interview questions or rating scale justifications contact Dr. Cheryl Grice at 785-532-1899.

GTA/GRA/GA Health Insurance Booklets

We have received a shipment of the GTA/GRA/GA Health Insurance booklets for 2012-2013. In new graduate student orientation this week, the students were shown how to access the book in a PDF online directly from the Benefits webpage. If your department would still like a supply of hard copy booklets, please stop by Human Resources to pick them up.

Parking Permits for New Employees

Remember that Parking Services still offers 30 day parking permits for new employees. HR has a very heavy workload right now and the 30 day permit would be a great option for employees not yet hired in HRIS. To request a 30 day permit send a letter to Darwin Abbott at Parking Services indicating employee name and start date and you will be provided the free 30 day permit.

HRIS Time Entry Errors Report

The Time Entry Error Report is IMPORTANT and should be run every day during the time and leave recording process to ensure errors are corrected in a timely manner.

When an error occurs, the individual's "OK to Process" check box is automatically turned off and if this goes undetected, the individual may not receive a timely paycheck. The most common error message is "Earnings code not in earnings program for employee." This means the incorrect earning code was used (i.e., VAC vs. VAE, SCK vs. SCE, etc.).

Path: Time and Leave > Reports > Time Reports > Time Entry Errors

Questions, please contact your HR liaison at (785) 532-6277.


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