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Division of Human Resources-Newsletter

Topics included in the August 13, 2004 issue:

*Entitlements - Non-Benefits Eligible Employees
*Updating Unclassified Data in HRIS-- Important Deadline: September 24, 2004
*Phased Retirement Reminder
*Requirements for Issuing Social Security Numbers for Foreign Students

Entitlements - Non-Benefits Eligible Employees
Non-benefits eligible employees (classified, unclassified, graduate assistants, graduate research assistants, graduate teaching assistants, and student employees) have entitlement to the following programs associated with their employment at Kansas State University:
a. deferred compensation
b. workers' compensation
c. social security/medicare
d. unemployment compensation
A more detailed entitlement information sheet, for non-benefits eligible employees, is at the following web site: Entitlements Non-Benefits Eligible Employee

Questions should be addressed to Benefits Administration, Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277 or e-mail: BENADMIN@KSU.EDU

Updating Unclassified Data in HRIS-- Important Deadline: September 24, 2004
In addition to reviewing and updating the Contract Data pages in HRIS ... the Unclassified Data page also needs your attention this time of year. Tenure information, KATS faculty/staff indicator, faculty senate status, and graduate faculty status reside on this page.

1) Prior to updating information in HRIS, print the Unclassified Data Report to review current information.
2) Enter updates in HRIS by September 24, 2004.
3) After updates have been entered in HRIS, print the Unclassified Data Report again to insure that the information is correct.

Instructions: Maintaining Unclassified Data
There are minor changes in determining faculty senate status ... review page 7.

Instructions: Unclassified Data Report
Instructions are located under 7quot;Other Reports" on this web site.

The information entered is valuable and will be used in various administrative reports. Thank you so much for your time and effort with this process and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your department liaison or Alma Deutsch.

Deleting Browser Cache Files
How long has it been since you cleared your browser (Internet Explorer) cache files? Instructions found under Basic HRIS Information on the following Web page: Training Manuals, Instructions and Handouts

Phased Retirement Reminder When an unclassified employee is approved for phased retirement, it is imperative that a Change or Separation Form (PER-39)(PDF) with the approved Phased Retirement Agreement and a copy of the contract be sent to the Division of Human Resources (HR) in a timely manner. Delayed paperwork may impact employee pay and/or benefits. Questions may be directed to your Payroll and Employee Data liaison at 532-6277. Additional information: Phased Retirement Program for Unclassified Employees

Requirements for Issuing Social Security Numbers for Foreign Students Important: Foreign students need to report first to the International Student Center before going to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to apply for a social security card. In addition to completing an application for a Social Security Card (SS-5), establishing evidence of age, providing proof of identity and alien status, evidence of full-time enrollment attendance and authorization to work must be submitted to the (SSA). The International Student Center will provide documentation that the student is authorized to work on-campus and is currently enrolled in a full course of study. For more detailed information on the requirements for issuing social security numbers for foreign nationals please refer to Non-Resident Alien Employment.


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August 13, 2004