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Division of Human Resources-Newsletter

Topics included in the August 11, 2006 issue:

* Important Employee Review Reminder
* Introducing the Benefits Administration Redesigned Webpage
* TEA Special Open Enrollment

Important Employee Review Reminder
This is a reminder that there are only a few days left for departments to submit performance reviews for those employees who need one before the September 10, 2006 classified salary increase.  Notices have been sent to both personnel specialists and department heads identifying those individuals who need a review in order to receive the single step movement.

Please have all reviews, including those due through September 10, 2006, submitted to the Division of Human Resources by September 1, 2006.  Those employee’s who do not receive the increase when it is processed in HRIS, will not be given the increase when the review is received at a later date.  Legislation does not allow for retroactive increases.

You may refer to the HR web page for the list of requirements for this step increase at:  http://www.k-state.edu/hr/hrwhatsnew.htm.  Please contact your HR liaison with questions at (785) 532-6277.

Introducing the Benefits Administration Redesigned Webpage
The Division of Human Resources would like to introduce the redesigned webpage for Benefits Administration which utilizes the tabbed webpage design.  You may view the redesigned webpage at: http://www.k-state.edu/hr/benefits/index.html.  Benefits Administration welcomes any comments, suggestions or questions and may be contacted at (785) 532-6277, or via e-mail at: benadmin@ksu.edu.

TEA Special Open Enrollment
Please furnish the following information to your department employees:

The Teachers and Employees Association (TEA) of Kansas State University offers its members and dependents a supplemental term life insurance policy.  This life insurance program is underwritten by MetLife.  Currently there is a special open enrollment being conducted until August 18, 2006.

Please review the enrollment materials that you received from MetLife - mailed to your home address.  You may enroll by returning the enrollment form (included in your enrollment materials) to MetLife by August 18, 2006.   If you have questions or need assistance with enrolling, please contact MetLife at 1-877-638-4671 or Ms. R. J. Steelsmith, KSU Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277 or via e-mail at benadmin@ksu.edu.

“A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.”  George Bernard Shaw

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August 11, 2006