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Human Resources Newsletter

August 7, 2009

Topics included in this issue:

Background Check Reminders

This is to remind hiring departments that the original Background Check Request Form must be retained by the applicant, along with the attached documents. Also, please remember to attach the 'clear to hire' email to the appointment papers submitted to Human Resources for processing.

Mylene Larson in Employee Relations and Training is the backup for processing background checks for the university. For questions please refer to the Background Check webpage or contact Kris Mauck at or Mylene Larson at

Updating Education Data in HRIS

Revised instructions for updating education data appear on the following web site:

It is important to complete steps 6, 7 and 8 when updating education data.

Report: Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > Education Data

Those responsible for department personnel transactions have access to update the Education page and run the report to verify on-line entry. Please contact your HR liaison with questions at (785) 532-6277.

Microsoft Office 2007

The Division of Human Resources (HR) has upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007. Individuals receiving Word documents (docx), Excel spreadsheets (xlsx), or PowerPoint presentations (pptx) from HR and who have an earlier version of Microsoft Office (i.e., Office 2003, Office 2000, Office XP, etc.) will need to convert the file if Microsoft Office Compatibility/Converter Pack has not been downloaded on your workstation.

Downloading the Microsoft Office Compatibility/Converter Pack is easy and will allow you to open, edit and save documents, workbooks and presentations in Microsoft Office 2007 file formats.


If you have any questions or need assistance downloading or using the file converter, please contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or

Hourly Student Employee Presentation

A 10-minute presentation with written dialogue is available for hourly student employees. This presentation introduces hourly student employees to KSU Policy and Procedures and provides instructions for completing the KSU Time Document. The Hourly Student Presentation may be accessed at All hourly student employees will benefit from this tutorial, even those employees using a time clock system. Presentation is best viewed at 60% to include written dialogue with each slide. Please contact your HR liaison with questions at (785) 532-6277.

Graduate Student Employed in their Final Semester

To be hired as a graduate student employee, a person must be admitted to the K-State Graduate School and be enrolled in at least six credit hours per semester at K-State during the academic year. However, an exception may be made by the Graduate School during their final semester to allow them to be enrolled in less than the six hour requirement. International students must obtain permission from the International Student and Scholar Service to enroll in less than a full course of study (6 hours). The number of hours enrolled determines the length of employment for a graduate student during their final semester. Please refer to the: Last Semester GTA\GRA\GA Table as well as Employing Graduate Student in Final Semester for additional information.

When a department wants to employ a graduate student enrolled in less than six hours for the entire semester an alternate employment relationship must be utilized such as a temporary or term appointment in the unclassified service (see PPM Chapter 4650) or a temporary appointment in the classified service (see PPM Chapter 4460).

Salary Rate for Unclassified Research Assistants

In 1994, the provost established a minimum salary for unclassified Research Assistants requiring they be paid no less than the entry rate for a classified Laboratory Technician I. With the abolishment of the Laboratory Technician I classification in June of 2008, the classified Laboratory Technician II entry salary (Grade 20, Step 4) became the minimum pay rate for unclassified Research Assistants. As you fill vacancies for Research Assistants, please be aware that they must be compensated at this level or greater. The current rate for a Laboratory Technician II is $14.30 per hour.

Please contact your HR liaison with questions at (785) 532-6277.

Processing Employee Transfers

When a benefit eligible employee transfers from one department to another, without a break in service, the Change or Separation Form (PER-39) should not be submitted to Human Resources. In these instances, the hiring department will submit an Appointment Form (PER-38) to transfer the employee to the new department. When a PER-39 is received by Human Resources, we assume the employee is leaving state employment and will terminate benefits and initiate applicable leave payouts.

The Change or Separation Form (PER-39) is required in the following instances:

  • Employee separates from the KSU for any reason.
  • Employee transfers to another State agency. Please note the name of the new agency on the PER-39. Benefits and leave balances will transfer if there is no break in service.
  • Employee changes from a benefit eligible position to a non-benefit position or vice versa. (Example: Employee terminates an unclassified benefit eligible position and takes a part-time non-benefit eligible position.)

You may terminate any employee who does not have benefits by entering an Appointment End Date in HRIS.

Please contact your HR liaison with questions or concerns at (785) 532-6277.


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