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Human Resources Newsletter

August 5, 2011

Topics included in this issue:

Important Information for GTA/GRA/GAs not Appointed for Fall 2011

Those who held appointments for Summer 2011 but who do not hold appointments for Fall 2011 because either they are just finishing up work for graduation or who will not be appointed for at least 8 consecutive weeks have the option to continue health insurance.

Continuation of health insurance is possible through United Healthcare directly. The cost is $92.00 a month. If interested, download the Continuation Form (pdf) for complete information. This enrollment form must be completed and along with payment, sent to United Healthcare at the address on the bottom of page 2. On-line enrollment is not available for continuation insurance.

For questions please contact

Updated Information and Corrected Link for GTA/GRA/GA Health Insurance

Open enrollment for Health Insurance started Monday and will end on August 31, 2011. Many of you received an email with information regarding on-line enrollment. Students were having some difficulty with the link in that email, however, the link has been corrected and updated. Full information is on the HR website. Choose this HR website, then at the bottom of the page under the heading "To Enroll", there is a link to United Healthcare. Students should choose that link.

Once at the United Healthcare website for K-State, students should choose the link directly under GRA/GTA/GA Enrollment Instructions titled "Request Coverage." At the Request Coverage website, the link to on-line enrollment is at the very bottom. CAUTION: DO NOT CHOOSE THE ENROLL BUTTONS SHOWN IN THE LEFT AND RIGHT MARGINS on this page.

For questions please contact

Voluntary Retirement Incentive for Classified KPERS Members

Yesterday, personnel specialists were emailed the names of employees in their department identified as eligible for the program. We are repeating information here to insure the widest dissemination possible.

We have set up meetings on Monday, August 8, and Wednesday, August 10, for those eligible for the program only. Those eligible have been notified separately. The presentation will be on the retirement incentive policies, deadlines, and documentation. At these meetings, we will provide an estimate of monthly KPERS benefits for each employee who was notified, but will reserve retirement counseling appointments for those eligible for the program after an employee makes a decision on whether to participate.

The decision of whether or not to participate in this program is a very important one and the time allowed by the State to make this decision is very short. If you get questions on the program, please refer employees directly to the documents at Full information will be available at the sessions. If you are aware that an employee does not access email regularly, please print the documents for them.

Meetings for eligible employees will be held in the Town Hall of the Leadership Studies Building at the dates and times listed below. It is expected that any employee who was notified as eligible will be released from regular work duties to attend one of the information sessions.

  • Monday, August 8: 8:30am, 10:00am and 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday, August 10: 8:30 am and 10:00 am

All meetings are in the Town Hall of the Leadership Studies Building.

New History Reports for Leave Accrual & Statistics by Employee

Two new reports, Leave Accrual by Employee-History and Leave Statistics by Employee . History, have been created to provide a summary of leave accrual and time and leave history from two and three years ago. At any given time there are two years of information in HRIS history that can be retrieved using these reports. For example, in calendar year 2011, calendar year 2008 and 2009 have been moved to the history pages and can be retrieved using these reports. Report instructions:

Unclassified Data On-Line Updates

Unclassified Data needs to be updated by October 1. Tenure date/status, faculty senate standing, and graduate faculty status reside on this page. The information entered on this page is valuable and will be used in various administrative reports.

Unclassified Data Instructions: (pdf)

Your time and effort with this process is appreciated and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your department's Payroll and Employee Data liaison at (785) 532-6277 or Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448.

Active Position Listing Report

The Active Position Listing Report provides information in relation to active positions such as work address/phone, employee job title and/or business title as well as reports to (supervisor), title and name. This report now has additional report request parameters and produces a CSV file for Microsoft Excel. It is a valuable report for examining data in preparation for the K-State Phone Book and for the K-State People Directory. Path: Organizational Development > Position Management > Position Reports > Active Position Listing

Update Employee Information for Kansas State Campus Phone Book

The Division of Human Resources is in the process of developing employee data for the 2010-2011 Campus Phone Book. To assist in the verification process, we are asking employees to review their information in HRIS.

A memorandum to personnel specialists is located on the HR web site under "Hot Topics." Phone Book memo (pdf) This memorandum provides important information on how employees may view and update information in the Human Resource Information System Employee Self Service. Please carefully read this memorandum and note the deadlines for having information updated in HRIS for the Campus Phone Book.

Contact your HR liaison at (785) 532-6277 with any questions.


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