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Topics included in the August 3, 2001 issue:

*Offers for Employment above Entry Level
*Open Enrollment 2001
*Optional Group Life Insurance
*Fall 2001 Hourly Student Employment Reminders
*PPM Chapter 4220 Revised

For those of you who are printing time documents after you have recorded time and leave, a new option has been added to the Department Time Document Reports. The "Report OK to Pay Employees Only?" check box has been added to the report request parameters panel. This option allows only time documents to be printed for those employees whose "OK to Pay" check box has been turned on during the time and leave recording process. This option is not intended to be used when printing time documents at the beginning of the pay period, only after time and leave has been recorded for the pay period.

Offers for Employment above Entry Level
If you have an eligible candidate, with ‘exceptional qualifications’ directly related to a vacant classified temporary or permanent position, and we cannot employ this candidate at the entry level step of the pay plan, approval may be given by our office to pay the individual at a higher step. Exceptional qualifications shall be based on the candidate’s education, training, experience, skills, and other qualifications. K.A.R. 1-5-8(b)(1)

To pay above the entry level step (Step 4), you must complete an Above Step Request form and have it approved by our office, prior to making an offer of employment. This form is available on our web site at

When completing the form, please attach all supporting documentation, including the candidate’s application, resume and transcript. Faxing the information to our office will allow us to respond quicker, as we know that timing is critical in most cases. Please submit all information to Employment Services, 103 Edwards Hall. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Bowker or Cheryl Grice at (785) 532-6277. Our fax number is (785) 532-6095.

Open Enrollment 2001
The Division of Personnel Services (DPS) has advised that the health insurance and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) open enrollment in October 2001 will again be an online process. Benefits eligible employees will receive a password at their home mailing address in mid-to-late September.

Ensure your employees have e-mail access as future communications from DPS may be via e-mail.

Confirmation statements for health insurance and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) enrollments for plan year 2002 will be available online only. Employees will not receive their statements at their home mailing address as in past years.

This online open enrollment is able to support the following browser versions and levels:

    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.50 or higher when available), or
    2. Netscape Navigator 4.7x

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

Optional Group Life Insurance
Effective August 1, 2001, the enrollment period for KPERS Optional Group Life Insurance has changed from 14 calendar days to 30 calendar days from the date of an employee’s appointment to a benefits eligible position.

Questions should be addressed to Ms. Alice Wesche, Division of Human Resources, at (785) 532-6277.

Fall 2001 Hourly Student Employment Reminders
New students at K-State for the fall semester may begin working on August 5, 2001, two weeks prior to the first day of the fall semester, as long as they are officially enrolled in at least one hour for the fall semester.

The last day student employees can work for the summer if not enrolled during the fall is August 19, 2001. Those employees must be terminated from the student payroll.

For students being rehired or for students coming back after being off for the summer, please verify that both the student’s address and the current direct deposit information in HRIS, if applicable, are up to date.

When hiring or rehiring hourly students please complete an Hourly Student Data Sheet (HSDS). Instructions on completing the HSDS may be obtained on our website at The Hourly Student Employment Guidelines are also available at that website.

Students are to be hired or rehired into vacant positions. You may find it helpful to run the "Position Funding Report by Department" for students only. This report will indicate vacant positions as of a certain date. Instructions for running this report are located on our website at

College Work Study Program – please indicate on the HSDS whether the student is eligible. If the section is not completed on the HSDS, Information Management staff will assume that the student is eligible for College Work Study.

On Campus Work Permits are required each semester for non-resident hourly student employees. This includes current student employees as well as rehires and new hires. The on campus work permit is obtained through the International Student Center.

All students, except F-1 visa holders, are limited during the academic year to 30 hours of work during calendar weeks when classes or final examinations are in session three full days or more and to 40 hours during other weeks. Students who hold an F-1 visa are limited during the academic year, excluding student recesses, to 20 hours of work per week. When employed in more than one department concurrently, the sum of hours worked in all departments may not exceed these maximums.

Student employees are exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes while enrolled in at least 6 resident credit hours at KSU during the fall or spring semester or 3 credit hours during the summer session. Student employees with F-1 visas are usually not subject to these taxes at any time.

Questions may be referred to Information Management, Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

PPM Chapter 4220 Revised
KSU<.acronym> Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4220 – Hours of Work, Overtime, and Compensatory Time, has been revised regarding shift differential amount from $.25 to .30/hr. You may view this chapter at:

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