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Human Resources Newsletter

August 2, 2013

Topics included in this issue:

Complete Background Check Form

Please ensure the Background Check Form, PER-59 is fully completed by the department or the applicant. Missing information delays the processing of the background check, i.e. missing apartment number, zip code, illegible or missing social security number and/or birthdate. Thank you.

HRIS Department Table

Department personnel specialists have VIEW access to the Department Table in HRIS. This access has been provided to ensure the Manager Position and KEAS Access Position(s) located within this table are current. The Manager Position identifies the unit head and is now being used by the Conflict of Interest Form Routing Process and the KEAS Access Position(s) are being used to designate employees/positions who have access to grant e-mail privileges and who receive a copy of the Welcome to K-State e-mail message for new employees.

Set Up HRMS > Foundation Tables > Organization > Departments

Corrections to this information may be sent to Frieda Beat at or Alma Deutsch at

Student Employment Date Reminders for Fall 2013

Current hourly and graduate student employees who will not be returning in the fall semester must be terminated on or before August 25, 2013. Student employees who are not enrolled in at least six hours must be terminated by the beginning of fall semester which is August 26, 2013.

Departments may terminate hourly and graduate student employees by entering an Appointment End Date in HRIS. You may refer to the HR web page for HRIS instructions for appointment end date.

New hourly student employees may begin employment at any time as long as they are enrolled in at least six hours for the fall semester.

New graduate student employees may be appointed with an effective date of August 18, 2013 or after, as long as they are enrolled in at least six hours for the fall semester.

Graduate Student Reappointments

To reappoint a current graduate student employee, the personnel specialist may simply update the Appointment End Date in HRIS. Please refer to the HRIS Schedule to see the last day that the Appointment End Date may be updated each pay period. A paper transaction is only required to reappoint when there has been a break in service.

Remember, graduate students employees must be enrolled in at least six hours, however graduate student employees in their final semester have different requirements. See final semester information.

Personnel specialists may run the End of Temporary Appointment report (pdf) for the list of employees scheduled to be terminated.

Pay Rate Changes for Student and Unclassified Temporary Employees

Pay rate changes for hourly students, graduate students, and unclassified temporary employees (no benefits) should be entered directly in HRIS by personnel specialists for effective dates within the current pay period or a future pay period. A paper transaction is required for pay rate changes for past pay periods.

To update the pay rates for these employees, you may refer to the pay rate change instructions (pdf) found on the HR web page.

Appointment Effective Date and Contract Date Must Match

The appointment effective date for 9-month unclassified employees being hired for the Fall 2013 semester is August 18, 2013. Current 9-month employees on summer leave of absence will be returned from summer leave effective August 18th.

When submitting transaction forms for contracts that read "Fall 2013" as the start date, the effective date on the transaction form MUST be August 18, 2013 and no other date. If the contract date and effective date on the transaction form do not match, we will request revised documents.

Please contact your HR liaison with questions.


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