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Human Resources Newsletter

July 22, 2011

Topics included in this issue:

GTA/GRA/GA Student Health Insurance Fall 2011

New! Enrollment is on-line only. No need for students to come to Edwards Hall! Open Enrollment for GTA/GRA/GA health insurance starts Monday, August 1, 2011 for the Fall and continues through August 31, 2011.

There are two big changes this year:

  1. Graduate Assistants who have appointments of .5 are now eligible for the health insurance.
  2. Enrollment is on-line only through United Healthcare Student Resources.

The brochures have been sent to departmental contacts. If you haven't received any, or need more, please email You'll notice there is no application form attached to the brochure.

Eligibility is the same except for the addition of GAs. For each of the fall and spring semesters, the student must be appointed as a .5 GTA/GRA/GA (or any combination of the three to equal .5) for a minimum of eight consecutive workweeks during that semester. These guidelines include international students. For waivers of the health insurance charge on tuition and fees bills, students should contact the International Student and Scholar Services office as before.

Verification of a student's appointment as a GTA/GRA/GA will be entered into the United Healthcare system by Human Resources after a student has enrolled and after the appointment form is received by Human Resources.

Our website is updated to include this new process and the brochures provide directions on how to enroll online.

Policy Information for 2011-2012 (August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012)
Policy # 2011-200118-3 United Healthcare Insurance Company

Fall August 1 - 31 August 1 - December 31 $113
Spring January 1 - 31 January 1 - May 31 $113
Summer June 1 - 30 June 1 - July 31 $44

Department's Share for 2011-2012
Fall & Spring: $338.00/semester
Summer: $135.00


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