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Topics included in the July 20, 2001 issue:

*Workstation Clean-Up
*Fiscal Year 2002 Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate (UCI)


The Leave Statistics by Employee Report is an excellent tool for tracking the number of hours an employee has worked during a designated period (i.e., temporary employees). Report instructions may be found on the following Web page:

Workstation Clean-Up
To regain space on your hard drive, delete HRIS "Cache" files and unnecessary KSUVM files. Instructions for Deleting "Cache" Files and KSUVM Clean-Up may be found on the following Web Page:

Fiscal Year 2002 Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate (UCI)
There was an error in the Division of Accounts and Reports informational circular regarding the UCI rate. The circular showed the rate unchanged when in fact it did decrease from .1% to .07% effective with fiscal year 2002 (06/10/01). The Human Resources Circular 01-01 dated June 22, 2001 has been revised as well as the Funding Spreadsheet and the Benefits Rates (State of Kansas) on the Payroll Processing web page .

This retroactive decrease creates challenges for processing the next on-cycle payroll (ppe 07/21/01) because UCI taxes will self adjust when we make the change and, in certain circumstances, will calculate negative UCI. The programs in SHaRP that process our on-cycle will not allow for negative numbers.

On the next on-cycle payroll we will calculate UCI at a lower rate, .01% rate,. The end result will be, for the most part, that year-to-date UCI will be what it would have been at .07% after 3 on-cycles. There will be exceptions such as new hires for this pay period or people earning different salary for each pay period. So, on the 4th on-cycle of the fiscal year, the pay period ending 08/04/01, we will correct the tables such that UCI will calculate from 06/10/01 forward and self adjust for the exceptions. The UCI rate will be calculated at .07% for the remainder of the fiscal year.

If you have questions or comments, please contact your Human Resource payroll liaison at (785) 532-6277.

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December 18, 2001