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Topics included in the July 14, 2006 issue:

* Important Classified Salary Step Increase Information
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Important Classified Salary Step Increase Information
The Legislature approved a single step increase for eligible classified employees effective September 10, 2006.  Our office has received information from the Department of Administration regarding the eligibility requirements for this increase, which follows.  Please note that classified employees hired on or after June 18, 2006 are not eligible to receive this increase.  Additionally, temporary classified employees are not eligible for this step increase.

**Classified regular employees must have been hired on or before June 17, 2006 to be eligible for the step movement.  This includes any employee who may have started as a classified or unclassified temporary and then changed to a regular classified position, as well as anyone who demoted, promoted, transferred or was reclassified.

**Classified regular employees must have a review with a rating of at least “meets expectations” dated between September 10, 2005 and September 10, 2006 from either their current position, former position or even a former state agency, as long as the review falls within the required timeframe.  Employees who do not have a current review on file in HR on September 10, 2006 will not receive this pay increase.  Retroactive increases are not allowable by the legislation.

**Employees who are on an original probation but were hired on or before June 17, 2006 are eligible for the step increase.  If the department feels the probationary employee is performing satisfactorily, the supervisor should give the employee a special evaluation in order for the employee to be eligible for the September 10, 2006 step increase.  Departments would still need to complete a regular probationary review at the end of the probationary period.

Additional information and overdue review listings are being sent to departments via campus mail.  Please review the listings and advise our office of any discrepancies.  You will want to encourage supervisors to complete any overdue reviews as well as those that will become due between now and September 10, 2006.  There will be no retroactive movement for these step increases.

Please contact you HR liaison with questions or inquiries at (785)532-6277.

Archived Newsletters
Archived HR Newsletters may be found by selecting ‘HR Publications’ on our web site at http://www.k-state.edu/hr/ .

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July 14, 2006