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Topics included in the June 30, 2006 issue:

* Important Deadlines for On-Line Updates
* New HRIS Report

Important Deadlines for On-Line Updates
At the beginning of each new fiscal year, the contract data pages in HRIS are automatically updated for regular unclassified employees.  New rows have been inserted for fiscal year 2007 based on the employee’s months basis.  The only on-line entry required by department personnel specialists will be for those individuals whose contract type has changed from FY 2006 to FY 2007 and for those individuals with renewed term contracts. Throughout the year when a contract is renewed or changed, on-line entry is required within 20 days from the contract begin date.  Instructions:  http://www.ksu.edu/hr/human.resource.units/hris_manuals.html.  Deadlines:

July 31, 2006 ……..……….   Fiscal Year Contracts – 12 Month Contracts

August 31, 2006 …………..    Academic Contracts – 9 month Contracts

September 30, 2006 …….…   TERM Contracts (9- and 12-Month TERM Contracts)

Questions may be referred to your department's Human Resources, Payroll & Employee Data liaison at (785) 532-6277 or Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448.

New HRIS Report
A new HRIS report has been created to provide College Work Study Program (CWSP) information.  This report provides the detail of the CWSP distribution and assists with tracking total earnings and balances for those with CWSP awards.  This report may be run each pay period after on-cycle payroll processing.  Path:  North American Payroll > Payroll Funding > Reports > CWSP Distribution

Questions regarding this report or any other HRIS reports, please contact Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448.

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June 30, 2006