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Human Resources Newsletter

June 24, 2011

Topics included in this issue:

Review Documents Prior to Submission to HR

The volume of personnel transactions increases dramatically in the summer. We are making every effort to process transactions in a timely matter. However, more than 70% of the documents we receive are incomplete or incorrect and this causes major processing delays. Prior to sending documents to HR, please take a moment to see that all documents are complete and correct. The most common issues are incorrect position numbers, incorrect I-9s and missing documents. Please review our Transaction Checklists which include I-9 instructions.

Review End of Temporary Appointment Report Today

We encourage everyone to review the End of Temporary Appointment report (pdf) TODAY and update those employees who have a termination date that should not be terminated and enter a termination date for employees who are terminating. This will prevent you from requesting deletion of termination rows and rehire. The path to the End of Temporary Appointment report is: Workforce Administration>Workforce Reports>End of Temporary Appointment. Entering end of Appointment instructions (pdf)

Updated Background Check FAQs

We have updated the Frequently Asked Questions for Background Checks on our webpage. Most questions refer to whether a background check is needed for a specific position, and your questions are always welcome, however, most questions relate to our international applicants. The important rule with regards to international applicants is whether the applicant has lived in the U.S. for more than 30 days within the last seven years, if that is the case, then a background check needs to be done.

Please refer to the updated FAQs with questions or contact Kris Mauck at 785.532.6277 or via email at

New Automated Process Deletes HRIS Security Access

When HRIS recognizes that an employee's appointment has ended (i.e., termination or retirement), an automated process now removes HRIS security access, except for Employee Self Service. There is no need to submit a HRIS Access Termination Form. If the employee's HRIS access needs to be removed prior to the entry of the separation transaction in HRIS, use the On-Line HRIS Access Termination Form.

On-Line HRIS Access Termination Form:

Important HRIS Payroll Funding Information

Fiscal year 2012 payroll funding rows have been added to the payroll funding table in HRIS, with an effective date of 06/12/11. Also, designated budget funding has been copied to payroll funding. The Position Funding by Department report is an excellent report to verify payroll funding. To verify funding data for FY 2012, enter 06/12/11 or 06/25/11 in the report parameters page.

Path: Payroll for North America, Payroll Funding, Reports, Position Funding by Dept

Report Instructions:

Special Reminder: If funding is changing effective 06/12/11, this existing row may be updated using "Correction" mode. Please DO NOT DELETE the 06/12/11 row.

Additional Details:

IT Access for 9-Month Employees

Nine month employees who have been placed on summer leave with benefits will not lose their IT resources (i.e., Central e-mail, K-State On-line, Library Services, etc.) during the summer. Special arrangements for these individuals have been made to enable resources to continue. This privilege will not be extended to those who have been separated. For those who have been separated and will be reappointed, department personnel specialists will need to continue their IT resources by granting them special privileges.

Direct Link to Granting Privileges:

Instructions Granting Privileges:

Adobe Reader 10

There are default Adobe Reader 10 preferences that are causing issues in HRIS. The following solution has been successful:

Edit - preferences - general - and disable "enable protected mode at startup."
Edit- preferences - internet - uncheck "display PDF in browser."


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