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Topics included in the June 22, 2001 issue:
* Payroll Processing Reminder
* Shared Leave Program

Payroll Processing Reminder
Just a reminder that the on-cycle process has been moved up. This means that funding must be keyed by 5:00 on Tuesday, June 26th. If you need assistance, please contact Lucy Simms at or (785) 532-6255 or Dennis Jones at or (785) 532-1882.

The new benefit rates for fiscal year 2002 have been published. The Division of Human Resources, Circular 01-01 is in the mail. They can also be found on our web site at

The new benefits have also been incorporated into the ‘Funding Spreadsheet’ which is located at

If you have questions or comments, please contact Patsy Havenstein at or (785) 532-1883.

Shared Leave Program
KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4860 (Classified Employee Leaves) and KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4865 (Unclassified Employee Leaves) have been revised to clarify the benefit relationship between Shared Leave and the Workers’ Compensation Program. Specifically, if an employee has a workers’ compensation claim for a particular medical condition they are not eligible for shared leave for that same medical condition. This includes receiving any workers’ compensation benefits (e.g. monetary compensation, authorized medical treatment, or a pending settlement decision from the State Self-Insurance Fund), or long-term disability, or both.

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December 18, 2001