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Topics included in the June 21, 2002 issue:

* K.A.R. changes effective June 7, 2002
* Change to Longevity Bonus
* Record Retention

K.A.R. changes effective June 7, 2002
The following articles of the Kansas Administrative Regulations were changed effective June 7, 2002:

Article 2 - Definitions, 1-2-42 Exempt employee and 1-2-42a , Non-exempt employee, decentralizes the authority to determine the exempt or nonexempt status of positions by allowing an appointing authority, with delegated authority under KSA 75-2938, to make Fair Labor Standards Act determinations for positions in that agency.

Article 2 - Definitions, 1-2-48 Limited-term positions has moved to 1-6-26a.

Article 5 - Compensation, 1-5-22 Payment for two or more positions, clarifies that only regular positions are considered when determining benefit eligibility for employees holding multiple part-time positions. Also, this change clarifies that classified exempt employees may hold one or more additional unclassified exempt positions, teaching or conducting research, at a state educational institution without limit on total pay. Previously the regulation did not specify that both the classified and unclassified positions must be exempt.

Article 5 - Compensation, 1-5-29 Longevity bonus pay, no longer requires 12 months of satisfactory service as a condition for longevity bonuses. (See related article.)

Article 6 - Recruiting and Staffing, 1-6-3 Filling vacancies and 1-6-21 Candidate pools for regular positions, allows applicants who expect to complete a degree requirements for a class or position by the end of the current academic term to be certified to the pool of eligible candidates for the class or position and be extended a conditional offer of employment. The degree requirement must be met at the time of hire. Also, this article now allows the same pool of candidates to be used for two vacant positions that are in the same class and have substantially the same duties. The applicant for the second position must be hired within 30 days of the establishment of the eligible list for the first position.

Article 9 - Hours; Leaves; Employee-Management Relations, 1-9-4 Vacations, allows for up to 20 hours of any accrued vacation leave over the maximum accumulation of hours at the end of the last payroll period paid in each fiscal year to be converted to sick leave. Additionally, 1-9-4 Vacations and 1-9-5 Sick Leave, allows additional hours, overtime and holiday compensation to count toward vacation and sick leave accruals.

Article 11 - Non-Disciplinary Termination, 1-11-1 Resignations, decentralizes the process for terminating an employee based on the presumed resignation to appointing authorities who are no longer required to submit to DPS a summary of steps taken to obtain an explanation from the employee regarding the employee's unauthorized absence.

Article 14 - Layoff Procedures and Alternatives to Layoff, revokes paragraph 1-14-12a which pertains to special provisions relating to the closure of Topeka State Hospital and Winfield State Hospital.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

Change to Longevity Bonus
Effective 6/9/02, it will no longer be necessary for an employee who is due a longevity bonus to have a current satisfactory review on file with Human Resources in order to receive the bonus. Kansas Administration Regulation 1-5-29 has been amended to remove the requirement of satisfactory service as a condition for receipt of a longevity bonus. This means that state employees will now receive longevity bonuses when due despite a past due performance review and despite an unsatisfactory performance review.

Effective with bonuses due during the pay period beginning 6/9/02, all active employees will have an approved checkbox in the HRIS longevity bonus panel regardless of whether or not the employee has a documented performance review rating of satisfactory or better within the preceding 12 months. Evaluations are still required for bonuses due prior to 6/9/02.

There has been no change in the regulation regarding employee performance reviews. Reviews are important tools of communication and must be submitted to Human Resources when due.

Please contact Kristi Fronce at (785) 532-1889 or Patsy Havenstein at (785) 532-1883 with questions regarding this regulation change.

Record Retention
TIME AND LEAVE RECORDS: classified, unclassified, student, and hourly time worked and leave used records need to be kept five (5) years after termination. Please refer to the KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 3090, Retention of Records for further details which is located at:

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June 21, 2002