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Division of Human Resources-Newsletter

Topics included in the June 17, 2005 issue:

* New HRIS Report
* Position Funding By Dept Report (WPOS101A)
* Reminders when Updating Funding
* IT Classification Changes
* PPM Chapter 4860, Classified Employee Leaves
* New Requirement when Advertising
* Revised Personnel Transaction Forms

New HRIS Report
A new report has been developed in HRIS for departments to run every pay period titled Project End Dates.  This report lists positions that have project award end dates but have no funding beyond that date.  It is critical that departments run this report every pay period prior to on-cycle payroll processing.  A new effective dated row must be inserted with a valid project beyond that award end date to ensure the position is fully funded.

To access and run this report, use the following path:  North American Payroll, Payroll Funding, Reports, Project End Dates.

Please be sure to run this report for students only and again for both classified and unclassified.

Position Funding By Dept Report (WPOS101A)
We encourage departments to run their Position Funding by Dept report (WPOS101A) as of 06/05/05.  On June 4, 2005, the new fiscal year 2006 funding rows were inserted based on the funding in fiscal year 2005.  If an FRS account code did not convert to a FIS project, NZGCTRSUSP was defaulted in as the project.  This is not a valid project.  A valid project will need to be entered prior to on-cycle processing.

To access and run this report, use the following path:   North American Payroll, Payroll Funding, Reports, Position Funding by Dept.

Reminders when Updating Funding
* DO NOT DELETE the 06/05/05 row in payroll funding table.  Use correction mode when making changes to this effective dated row.

* NZFBTRSUSP project is invalid in payroll funding table.  This indicates that FIS was unable to convert the old FRS account code to a FIS project for fiscal year 2006.  These will need to be corrected prior to on-cycle payroll processing.

* If funding rows for FY05 were corrected, inserted, or deleted after we inserted the 6/5/05 funding rows, and you intended this funding to apply to fiscal year 2006, you will need to correct the 6/5/05 row with the appropriate project.  Please check that the 6/5/05 effective dated row has the appropriate project for FY 06.

IT Classification Changes
The State of Kansas Division of Personnel Services (DPS) recently reviewed the Information Technology (IT) classes as part of a Classified Structure Project.  Effective 6/19/05, changes were made to IT classification titles, job codes, salary grades, minimum requirements, and work performed.  Some IT classifications were abolished, new titles added, and a new specification format was implemented.  Impact was limited at K-State since not many of these classifications are used here.  Those affected have been notified.  You may view an outline of the changes at http://da.state.ks.us/ps/specs/specs found under the Classification Specification Maintenance History.  If you have questions, contact Classification Services at (785) 532-6277.

PPM Chapter 4860, Classified Employee Leaves
Several changes were made to the Kansas Administrative Regulations (K.A.R.), effective June 5, 2005.  These changes are being incorporated into KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4860, Classified Employee Leaves.  A summary of the more significant changes are:

  1. administrative leave – changes the definition for use of administrative leave
  2. holidays – clarifies that any classified employee whose last day at work before separating from the university is the day before a regularly scheduled holiday shall not receive holiday credit for the holiday.
  3. jury duty – specifies that holiday compensatory leave and discretionary day as well as vacation leave, compensatory leave and leave without pay may be used by an employee involved in a personal legal matter.
  4. shared leave – specifies that “continuous service” means all time spent as a state employee, regardless of leave or pay status; that an employee is not eligible for shared leave after approval for long term disability; that shared leave may be applied retroactively for a maximum of two pay period preceding the date the employee signed the shared leave request form; that employees are to use shared leave in accordance with their regular work schedules; and further defines the relationship between shared leave and workers’ compensation claims.
  5. sick leave – expands on the exception to “in pay status” for exempt employees, and expands on the administration of sick leave for exempt employees.
  6. vacation leave – expands on the exception to “in pay status” for exempt employees, and expands on the administration of sick leave for exempt employees.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

New Requirement when Advertising
Section 83 of House Bill 2482 requires state agencies to include in all agency “media advertising,” a disclosure that such advertising is partly or wholly paid for with funds from state taxpayers. The phrase “Paid for by the Kansas State University” must be included at or near the end of all your advertising (print, television, etc.). If you have not already done so, please begin utilizing this statement in all your paid advertising.  

Revised Personnel Transaction Forms
This is a reminder that the personnel transaction forms, (PER-36) Position Data Sheet, (PER-38) Appointment Form, (PER-40) Hourly Student Data Sheet, (PER-41) Graduate Student Appointment Form and the (PER-44) Funding Data Sheet have been revised to indicate the new funding format due to the implementation of the new Financial Information System (FIS).   The old versions of these forms are no longer available on our forms page.   If you are using a saved copy of the old version of these transaction forms please update to the new version.

In addition the PER-38 and PER-41 were also revised to accommodate new directives approved by the Kansas Board of Regents in regard to the Spoken English Language Competency Policy.  Please refer to the June 8, 2005 memo for additional information http://www.ksu.edu/hr/news/hrmem.htm.

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”  - Carl Rogers

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