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Division of Human Resources
Kansas State University
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Human Resources Newsletter

June 13, 2008

Topics included in this issue:

Veteran's Day for Unclassified Employees

The Board of Regents has added Veteran's Day to the list of Holiday Observations for unclassified employees, effective March 2008. Unclassified non-exempt employees required to work on Veteran's Day will be given compensatory time or compensation at the rate of one-and one-half time for each hour worked. Unclassified exempt staff who accrue annual leave and who are required to work on Veteran's Day will be given equivalent time off at a later date. Contact Stephanie Harvey at (785) 532-1870 in the Division of Human Resources if you have questions.

KSU Minimum, Wage Increase

Just a reminder that the K-State.s minimum wage for student employees will increase to $7.00 per hour effective with the 2009 fiscal year. A June 15, 2008 effective dated row will automatically be inserted in HRIS by the Division of Human Resources for those below the new K-State minimum wage. Notice will be sent to departments when HRIS has been updated.

f you have questions please contact your Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Data liaison at (785) 532-6277.

HRIS Schedule

The July and August HRIS Schedules are available at:

Employment Reminder

This is a reminder for all departments who have recently submitted a request for recruitment for classified positions. Be sure and encumber funds to cover any advertising cost for Manhattan Mercury and Junction Daily Union newspapers. Call Cheryl Grice with Employment Services at 532-6277 if you have questions regarding advertising cost.


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