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Human Resources Newsletter

June 11, 2010

Topics included in this issue:

Important HRIS Payroll Funding Information

Fiscal year 2011 payroll funding rows will be added to the payroll funding table next week in HRIS, with an effective date of 06/13/10. Also, designated budget funding will be copied to payroll funding. After these processes have been completed, an e-mail notification will be sent via HRINFO listserv informing you to begin verifying payroll funding for the new fiscal year.

The Position Funding by Department report is an excellent report to verify payroll funding. To verify funding data for FY 2011, enter 06/13/10 or 06/26/10 in the report parameters page.

Path: Payroll for North America, Payroll Funding, Reports, Position Funding by Dept Instructions:

Special Reminder: If funding is changing effective 06/13/10, this existing row may be updated using "Correction" mode. Please DO NOT DELETE the 06/13/10 row.

Additional Details:

Unclassified Vacation Leave Accrual for PPE 5/29/2010 and 6/12/2010

Unclassified employees who have already earned 22 days (176 hours) do not accrue vacation leave for the pay periods ending 5/29/2010 and 6/12/2010. These are the last two pay periods in the fiscal year and unclassified employees who have been employed throughout the fiscal year should have already earned the maximum allowed of 22 days (176 hours). Only those unclassified employees who have not earned this amount will continue to accrue vacation leave these two pay periods. This would include those employees on part-time appointments or those who were appointed mid-year.

Please remind unclassified employees of these two consecutive pay periods when they will not be accumulating vacation leave. Contact your HR liaison with questions at (785) 532-6277.

Additional Pays and Summer Pay Periods

A reminder to departments: When processing additional pays for the summer months, please be sure to verify that the employee has an active appointment for the record and pay period(s) that you are processing the payment for. If the employee will not be appointed during the summer, please back date the additional pay to the 5-15-10 pay period end date (if possible), or hold the paper until such time that the employee is active once again. Any questions should be directed to Shari Liming at 2-1890 or ajkl'

IT Access for 9-Month Employees

Nine month employees who have been placed on summer leave with benefits will not lose their IT resources (i.e., Central e-mail, K-State On-line, Library Services, etc.) during the summer. Special arrangements for these individuals have been made to enable resources to continue. This privilege will not be extended to those who have been separated. For those who have been separated and will be reappointed, department personnel specialists will need to continue their IT resources by granting them special privileges. Instructions: (pdf)

Important Information on the HRIS Schedule/Calendar

Important transaction deadline dates are listed on the HRIS Schedule/Calendar. The deadline to have personnel transactions to Human Resources is the first Friday of each pay period. Although our staff strives to enter as many papers as possible, there is no guarantee that transactions received after the deadline date will be processed with the on-cycle payroll. Please advise employees, as you complete transactions, that their paycheck may potentially be processed on the supplemental payroll based on the transaction deadline.

The June and July schedule deviates from our normal payroll cycles to accommodate the new State of Kansas financial system. In June, we will run final pay calculations on Monday evenings, 6/14 and 6/28. There will be HRIS View Only access on Tuesday's, 6/15 and 6/29. In July, we will run final pay calculations on Tuesday evenings, 7/13 and 7/27. HRIS View Only access will be Wednesday's, 7/14 and 7/28.

We encourage you to follow the HRIS Schedule/Calendar located on the HR web site at: You may contact your HR liaison via email with questions or concerns.


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