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Human Resources Newsletter

June 8, 2012

Topics included in this issue:

Unclassified Vacation Leave Accrual

Please note that unclassified employees who will have already earned 22 days (176 hours) did not accrue vacation leave for pay periods ending 5/26/2012 and 6/9/2012. These are the last two pay periods in the fiscal year and unclassified employees are only allowed to earn 22 days (176 hours) in a fiscal year. Only those unclassified employees who have not earned 22 days (176 hours) in the fiscal year will accrue vacation leave these two pay periods. These would be those employees on part-time appointments or who were appointed mid-year. Please contact your HR liaison with questions.

Classified Longevity Bonus Change Effective 6/10/2012

The Legislature passed a bill authorizing longevity bonuses for the coming fiscal year at $40 per year service for those eligible. The total amount of the longevity bonus payment is computed by multiplying $40 by the number of full years of state service, not to exceed 25 years ($1,000), for eligible employees as of the service anniversary date. Please contact Kristi Fronce at (785)532-1889 with questions.


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