Division of Human Resources-Newsletter
Topics included in the June 6, 2003 issue:

* Temporary Social Security Number Procedures
* New Exit Interview Process
* Clarification of Candidate Pools Regulation

Temporary Social Security Number Procedures
Procedures for obtaining a temporary social security number (SSN) for foreign graduate students or exchange visitors who are experiencing delays in obtaining a SSN of 30 days or more from submission date of application are now available. In addition, requests cannot be submitted any later than October 31 of any year as every effort must be made to get a permanent SSN prior to wage and tax reporting for the calendar year. Every reasonable effort must be made to get the SSN prior to requesting a temporary SSN and the volume of requests is expected to be low. In these situations, the employee should not be allowed to work until a temporary SSN is assigned.

To obtain a temporary SSN, departments will need to submit a Request for Temporary SSN form (PER-12), a copy of the passport, current I-94, I-20 or DS-2019 and a copy of the letter from the designated school official verifying eligibility to work and that the student is enrolled. A copy of the on-campus work permit can be substituted for the letter. (Note: the designated school official is the International Student Center who also issues the On-Campus Work Permits.) Send all of the information to Payroll & Employee Data, Division of Human Resources, 103 Edwards Hall. The PER-12 along with more detailed instructions can be found at

Questions may be referred to Frieda Beat, Payroll & Employee Data, (785) 532-6277 or

New Exit Interview Process
The K-State Equity Issues Committee recommended developing an exit interview process to gather feedback from faculty and other regular unclassified employees when they leave K-State due to resignation or retirement.

The new process will be described in the KSU Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 4950, Clearance Procedures at Separation, revised effective June 9, 2003. Depending on the type of separation, this chapter requests that a copy of either an Exit Interview Letter at Retirement or an Exit Interview Letter at Resignation both from the Director of Human Resources be provided to the separating unclassified employee. These letters may be found on the forms page on our web site located at:

Classified separating employees will continue to complete the Exit Interview for Classified Employees (PER-16). The PPM Chapter also advises all separating employees to attend to other clearance obligations listed on the Employee Separation Checklist (PER-24). Both forms are available on the forms page on our web site.

Questions may be directed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

Clarification of Candidate Pools Regulation
Correction to June 21, 2002 HR Newsletter regarding K.A.R. Article 6 - Recruiting and Staffing that was amended effective June 7, 2002 (revision in bold).

1-6-21. Candidate pools for regular positions.

For each vacancy in a regular position that is to be filled, the appointing authority shall hire from among those persons certified as eligible to fill either that position or another vacant position that meets both of the following conditions:

(1) The other vacant position is in the same class as the position that is to be filled and the duties of the two positions are substantially the same.

(2) The applicant is offered the position or extended a conditional offer of employment within 30 days of the date that the job requisition for the other vacant position closes.

Questions may be directed to Cheryl Grice, Employment Services at (785) 532-1899.

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June 6, 2003