Division of Human Resources-Newsletter
Topics included in the June 4, 2004 issue:

* HR Staff Changes
* Leave Record
* Revised Appointment Form for Classified and Unclassified Employees
* ID Numbers on Health Plan ID Cards
* Encumbrance Reminder

HR Staff Changes
We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Gehrt will become the Director of the LASER Project, located in the Kansas Foundation Center. The LASER Project is the implementation of new student and financial information systems. Additionally, Patsy Havenstein has accepted the position as Assistant to the Dean in the College of Engineering.

Alma Deutsch is now the Acting Assistant Director of Payroll and Employee Data as we search for Patsyís replacement. Jenniferís and Patsyís duties will be distributed to various personnel within our department.

We will miss them both, but wish them well in their new positions.

Leave Record
The Kansas State University, Division of Human Resources Leave Record for fiscal year 2005 is now available on our forms page at: . (Remember to print only the page for the annual leave that you accrue.)

Revised Appointment Form for Classified and Unclassified Employees
Back by popular demand, Human Resources (HR) is happy to introduce a one-page Appointment Form (PER-38) for classified and unclassified employees. This revised form will replace the existing two-page form currently being used for classified and unclassified appointments. We emphasize there are no major changes to the content of the form itself. The most significant changes involve slight reorganization of certain fields, such as the name which has been grouped into one box. We also removed any fields where the information was repetitive, such as Visa information that may be obtained from the Visa itself.

After receiving some concerns from personnel specialists regarding the two-page Appointment Form, HR organized a small committee of personnel specialists to determine which form would be the most efficient for department use. A few months ago this committee sent out a survey to department personnel specialists seeking input and suggestions regarding the PER-38. After receiving the responses, the committee compiled and reviewed the results. It was determined the majority of personnel specialists prefer a one-page form over a two-page form.

Please begin using this form as soon as possible. HR will continue to accept any two-page forms that you have completed. The applicable PPM chapters, Chapter 4460, Classified Employee Personnel Actions, and Chapter 4650, Unclassified Employee Personnel Actions, have been updated to include instructions on how to complete the revised PER-38. Please feel free to contact your HR liaison with any questions regarding this form. We thank you for your feedback and especially thank those individuals who served on this committee!

ID Numbers on Health Plan ID Cards
The Division of Personnel Services has advised that all vendors offering services through the State of Kansas Health Plan will be removing Social Security Numbers from the ID cards in the near future. By January 1, 2005, participants will have ID cards with ID numbers that are not SSNs.

The primary reasons for this are to protect privacy and prevent identity theft. However, it will also mean that plan participants should present the new ID cards to their providers as well as ensure that family members residing away from their primary residence receive a copy of the new ID cards. Participants may request additional ID cards by calling the carriers.

Coventry Health Care expects to send out new (replacement) ID cards to all plan participants within the next two weeks. Kansas Choice and Premier Blue began using non-SSN ID#s on June 1, 2004, for new participants.

The new ID cards will be sent to the employee at their home address, with a cover letter explaining why the cards are being issued. The new ID cards will not change any benefits. All carriers are creating cross-reference files so that historical data such as deductibles, coinsurances, and copays, as well as out-of-pocket and benefit maximums, are transitioned from the old ID card number to the new one.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources, Benefits Administration at 785-532-6277.

Encumbrance Reminder
This is a reminder to departments to encumber funds for newspaper advertisements and drug screening invoices. If you have questions contact Cheryl Grice, Employment Services, 785-532-1899.

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June 4, 2004