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Topics included in the June 3, 2005 issue:

* Important Payroll and Funding Topics for FY05 and FY06
* Classified Salary Scale Updated
* Revised PPM Chapter 4210 and PER-26
* Unclassified Position Description Reminder

Important Payroll and Funding Topics for FY05 and FY06

Payroll Updates
Fiscal year 2006 funding rows will be automatically inserted with an effective date of 6-5-05 with the new FIS project numbers into HRIS payroll funding this weekend, June 4th & 5th.FIS project numbers will be inserted based on the funding in place as of Friday, June 3, 2005.

Therefore, we are requesting that no on-line entry/updates be made in HRIS payroll funding on June 4th or 5th.Our office will send notification when this process is complete and when on-line entry/updates may resume.Please do not make any updates to HRIS payroll funding until further notification.

The last off-cycle payrolls will be processed on Wednesday, June 15th for a check issue date of June 23rd.

Summer School Funding
Summer school funding rows will be automatically inserted into HRIS payroll funding. The program to insert funding rows effective 05/22/05 is scheduled to run on June 7, 2005, for the first pay period for summer school.

9-month Summer GHI Adjustment Payroll
We will process the first 9-month summer GHI adjustment payroll (KA9/KE9) for pay period ending 06/04/05 on Friday, June 17th.However, we will hold this payroll and fund it in Fiscal Year 2006.

Funding Updates
Transfer of payrolls- It is to each departmentís advantage to balance FRS payroll accounts and do necessary transfers of payrolls before the end of fiscal year 2005. We are requesting that all departments balance their FRS payroll accounts and submit any transfer of payrolls to Human Resources by June 10, 2005.We encourage departments to run the Position Funding by Department Report (WPOS101) bi-weekly, prior to pay calculation, to verify position funding.  This is one method that can help alleviate a transfer of payroll.  After fiscal year 2006 begins, payroll transfers for prior fiscal years will be more difficult due to the conversion of FRS accounts to project numbers in FIS.

The absolute final day to submit transfer of payrolls to Human Resources for fiscal year 2005 is June 10, 2005.  It is imperative that we have these submitted and fed to FRS by mid June.  We anticipate not being able to process transfers during July and perhaps longer.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Lucy Simms at (785) 532-6255 or Julie Henton at (785) 532-1883.

Classified Salary Scale Updated
The Classified Employment Summary on the HR web page has been updated to reflect the new classified salary rates for FY 2006, effective 6/5/05. Please refer to this scale which is located on our web page at http://www.ksu.edu/hr/CES.PDF when completing classified transactions with an effective date of 6/5/05 or after.The section of the summary that contains the classified job codes and titles will be updated in the near future.

Classified employee compensation rates in HRIS will be updated to reflect the cost of living adjustment shortly after the payroll is processed for the pay period ending 6/5/05.Please contact your HR Payroll & Employee Data liaison with questions at (785) 532-6277.

Revised PPM Chapter 4210 and PER-26
Classification Services has revised the PER-26 form, Annual Review of Classified Position Descriptions (formerly titled Annual Update of Position Descriptions).Changes were made to the text as well as some formatting changes.Please discontinue use of the previous version.This revised form is available on the Human Resources web site on the Forms web page and also under Classification Services.See PPM Chapter 4210.090 for information regarding this form.

Unclassified Position Description Reminder
As the summer and fall hiring season starts, please remember to complete an Unclassified Position Description (PER-23) for unclassified professional positions (non-faculty) in addition to the paperwork required by Office of Affirmative Action.  The PER-23 is available on the HR Forms web page.  The completed document should be submitted to Classification Services for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) review regarding exempt status.  This process will not hinder recruitment.Refer any questions to the Division of Human Resources, Classification Services at (785) 532-6277.

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June 3, 2005