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Human Resources Newsletter

May 30, 2008

Topics included in this issue:

Classified Pay Changes Effective 6/15/08

Pending approval of the Executive Directive, the following pay actions will occur for classified employees.

General Increase

All classified employees will receive a general increase of approximately 2.5% effective June 15, 2008. These rows will be automatically inserted in HRIS during the June 15 to June 28 pay period.

Pay Grade Changes

The Legislature authorized job class and/or pay grade changes for specified job classes in the classified service effective June 15, 2008. For most employees in the identified classes, this will result in a 5% salary increase in addition to the 2.5% cost-of-living adjustment. In certain cases, the increase may be more for employees who move multiple pay grades on the scale and for which step 4 is greater than a 5% increase. The affected job classes are listed on the following web site: . Human Resources will process these changes to position and job data in HRIS.

At the present time, HR staff continues to identify those employees affected by the pay grade changes. We will send out further communication on these changes closer to the June 15 effective date.

Please contact your HR liaison with questions at 532-6277.

PD Profile for IT Positions Discontinuted

We are happy to report the Division of Personnel Services in Topeka has announced their discontinuation of the Position Description Profile for Information Technology Positions (DA-313) for all future position descriptions within the IT series. Please begin using the regular Classified Position Description (DA 281-2 Special) for future submissions of all classified positions. IT profiles will no longer be accepted. If you have questions, please contact Becky Beckley, Position Administration at (785) 532-1866.

HRIS Report Enhancement

The Payroll Summary by Department report may now be run for a range of pay periods. This report provides total hours worked, paid overtime hours, leave hours, total hours paid, pay rate and gross pay for selected employees within a department. Also, the report may be accessed in Microsoft Excel by selecting the .csv file.

Path: Time and Leave > Reports > Time Reports > Payroll Summary by Department

Classified Employee Vacation Leave Overage for FY 2008 - Reminder

Classified employees have until June 14, 2008, to use any vacation leave hours over their maximum allowed accumulation. For the pay period June 1, 2008 to June 14, 2008, any vacation leave hours used will be subtracted from the vacation leave balance before the leave balance is reduced to the maximum allowed accumulation. The amount accrued for the pay period ending June 14, 2008, will then be added to the vacation leave balance. This means the employee does not lose the vacation leave hours accrued for that pay period. Vacation leave overages are listed in Employee Self Service as .hours over limit,. and on the employee Statement of Earnings as "vacation overage."

If an employee has a vacation leave overage on June 14, 2008, up to 40 hours of any excess accrued vacation leave will automatically convert to sick leave. After this conversion, all remaining vacation leave over the maximum allowed accumulation of hours will be forfeited.

Please advise your employees of both these provisions. Questions regarding vacation leave overage and maximum accumulations should be addressed to your HR Payroll and Employee Data Liaison at (785) 532-6277.

Leave Accruals for Unclassified Employees - Reminder

Unclassified employees will not earn vacation leave for pay period ending 5/17/08 since it is the third paycheck in the month. Also, unclassified employees will not earn vacation leave for pay periods ending 5/31/08 and 6/14/08 since these are the last two pay periods of the fiscal year. The maximum annual leave accrual limit is 22 days (176 Hours) per fiscal year. This year those unclassified employees appointed full-time at the beginning of the 2008 fiscal year reached their maximum accrual limit during the pay period ending 5/3/08.

Unclassified employees appointed after the beginning of the fiscal year or appointed part-time will earn vacation leave during the last two pay periods of the fiscal year as long as they do not exceed the 22-day maximum. Unclassified employees do not earn vacation leave during pay period ending 5/17/08 since it is the third paycheck in the month.

Questions may be directed to Alma Deutsch at or Kristi Fronce at


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