Division of Human Resources-Newsletter
Topics included in the May 21, 2004 issue:

* Hourly Student On Campus Work Permits for Summer Semester
* Work Permit Expiration Dates for Foreign Nationals
* Recording Time and Leave
* Classified Salaries and Longevity Bonuses
* University's Minimum Wage - Student Wages
* K-State eID's (Electronic ID's)
* Revised Division of Human Resources Home Page
* HRIS Time & Leave Archiving

Hourly Student On Campus Work Permits for Summer Semester
Non-resident hourly student employees must have a 2004 summer On Campus Work permit to work beyond June 5, 2004. This includes current student employees as well as rehires and new hires. The International Student Center will begin issuing hourly student summer work permits on June 7, 2004.

In addition, if a student on a graduate assistantship transfers to an hourly student appointment within the same department an hourly student work permit would not be required if the current graduate student work permit is still valid. This is only valid for the summer. Any other time a work permit is required for each type of appointment.

Work Permit Expiration Dates for Foreign Nationals
Just a reminder that departments have access to an online report on active employees who have a Visa/Work Permit Expiration Date specified in HRIS. This report may be ran at any time and for any range of dates and is an excellent tool for tracking employees whose work permits will expire. Instructions on how to access the report may be found under Non-Resident Alien Employment guidelines under Work Permits.

Recording Time and Leave
Sunday, May 23, is the last day to enter time and leave for the 05/09/04-05/22/04 pay period. HRIS Schedule/Calendar may be found at:

Classified Salaries and Longevity Bonuses
Classified salaries will be increased 3.0 percent beginning June 6, 2004. Our office will automate the increase and we will have an updated Classified Salary Summary available soon at: Longevity bonuses will continue to increment by $40 per year and will continue with the minimum amount of $400 for 10 years of service and a maximum amount of $1,000 for 25 years of service.

University's Minimum Wage - Student Wages
K-State’s minimum wage for students will raise to $6.00 per hour. Our office will automate the insertion of hourly pay rate changes in HRIS to $6.00 effective June 6, 2004 for those below the new K-State minimum wage. Departments may then make other student pay rate changes as necessary to realign your student wages, if desired.

K-State eID's (Electronic ID's)
Before directing a new employee in your department to create a K-State eID, check for previous employment in HRIS by accessing Administer Workforce > Administer HR (KSU) > Inquire > All Jobs Summary page. Those who have been previously employed most likely already have a K-State eID and do not need to create another one. If the employee has previous work history, direct the employee to the eProfile Sign-In area at and select "Activate your eID." The employee will need to know the Employee ID and other personal information to activate the eID. After entering this information, if a match does not occur, only then will the employee need to create a NEW K-State eID. If any difficulty is encountered with this procedure, contact the K-State IT Help Desk at (785) 532-7722.

Revised Division of Human Resources Home Page
The Division of Human Resources home page has been revised to include a link for the new Policies and Guidelines page. The Policies and Guidelines page provides information and links for policies, transaction guidelines and references.

HRIS Time & Leave Archiving
Calendar year 1999 time and leave records and leave accrual data have been archived to CD and removed from HRIS. We have moved calendar year 2000 and 2001 time and leave records, and leave accrual data to the history pages in HRIS. Time and leave history records are accessed using the following path: Compensate Employees > Maintain Time and Leave > Use > Employee Work History. Leave accrual history are accessed at: Compensate Employees > Maintain Time and Leave > Use > Leave Accruals -Work History.

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