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Division of Human Resources-Newsletter

Topics included in the May 20, 2005 issue:

* Important Reminder for PPE 5/21/05
* Additional Pay Period Information
* Appointment End Date Reminder
* Hourly Student On Campus Work Permits for Summer Semester
* KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4820

Important Reminder for PPE 5/21/05
Please note the HRIS Schedule for the current pay period ending May 21st, 2005.  Due to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, this is a shortened pay period.  Personnel specialists only have until noon on Tuesday, May 24th for time and leave entry and correction.  Human Resources staff will be processing payroll on Wednesday, May 25th, so it will be a view only day for personnel specialists.  In addition, we will be inserting the end of temporary rows tomorrow – Friday, May 20th.  Please be sure to review your end of temporary reports for PPE 5/21/05, if you have not already done so, by the end of the day today.

You may contact your Human Resources liaison with questions or concerns at (785) 532-6277.

Additional Pay Period Information
There is an additional pay period in Fiscal Year 2006 because of the relationship between the state's biweekly pay cycle and the start/end date of the fiscal year.  This has no impact on an employee's base salary but does result in an additional pay period for continuing twelve-month employees paid through the state's payroll process.

Appointment End Date Reminder
The appointment end date is located in HRIS Employment Data.  Path:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data > Work Location page … select Employment Data link at the bottom of this page > Employment Information page … expand USA flag to view/update Appointment End Date.  Instructions:  http://www.ksu.edu/hr/human.resource.units/hris_manuals.html

Hourly Student On Campus Work Permits for Summer Semester
Non-resident hourly student employees must have a 2005 summer On Campus Work permit to work beyond June 4, 2005.   This includes current student employees as well as rehires and new hires.   The International Student Center will begin issuing hourly student summer work permits on June 6, 2005. 

In addition, if a student on a graduate assistantship transfers to an hourly student appointment within the same department an hourly student work permit would not be required if the current graduate student work permit is still valid. This is only valid for the summer. Any other time a work permit is required for each type of appointment.

KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4820
The Workers Compensation Program section in this chapter has been amended to clarify that time away from work for an employee to receive the initial evaluation, care and treatment for a job related injury or illness under the Workers’ Compensation Program is not chargeable to the employee’s accrued leave credits.  However, any time away from work after the initial evaluation, care and treatment for a job related injury or illness is charged to the employee’s accrued leave credits, in the following order:  sick leave, vacation leave, holiday compensatory time, unless the employee elects, in writing, to use leave credits in a different order or requests to be placed on leave without pay.

Refer to KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4820 for details. Questions should be addressed to Benefits Administration, Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

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May 20, 2005