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Human Resources Newsletter

May 14, 2010

Topics included in this issue:

Leave Records for FY 2011

Leave Records for Fiscal Year 2011 are now available for those who want to track their own time and leave. (The Excel version will be available soon.) They may be found on our Forms Page at:

Determining if a Position is Open or Filled

To determine if a position is open or filled in HRIS without running a report, go to Organizational Development > Position Management > Add/Update Position Info and enter Department ID and/or job code to view if the position is currently open or filled under the Search Results. In addition, a column displays indicating whether the position status is Active (A) or Inactive (I).

Every effort should be used to hire or rehire employees into vacant positions. In addition to viewing this information on line, the Position Funding by Department Report displays vacant positions.
Report Instructions:

Payroll & Employment Dates

For your information a list of current payroll and employment dates are routinely published by the Division of Human Resources at Some of the dates included are academic year, fiscal year and summer dates. Semester beginning and end dates as well as student employment (hire) dates are also published. In addition there is a link to the biweekly pay periods, pay dates and the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) calendar. Questions regarding these dates may be addressed to the Division of Human Resources, 785-532-6277.

Important Personnel Transaction Processing Reminders

Please submit personnel transactions with all required documents to Division of Human Resources. Items missing or not completed correctly will delay processing and sometimes delay paychecks. For more detailed information refer to the January 8, 2010 memorandum of "Important Personnel Transaction Processing Reminders" at If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.


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