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Topics included in the May 10, 2002 issue:

* Reorganization within Human Resources
* Updated Forms Page
* ING Financial Services
* Tuition Assistance

Reorganization within Human Resources
In order to better serve the needs of our constituencies and to balance staff work loads, we have recently implemented some organization changes within HR. What was formerly Payroll, Information Management, Computer Operations, and HRIS Training is now combined into one unit titled Payroll and Employee Data. Patsy Havenstein, Assistant Director, is now responsible for unclassified and classified employee transactions in addition to Payroll. Kristi Fronce, Stephanie Puett, and Donnita Nelson all now report to Patsy instead of Frieda Beat. Frieda continues to supervise graduate and hourly student transaction processing. This change allows Frieda to focus more on issues related to employment of Non-resident aliens, data management, including HRIS interfaces to other systems, and the continuing implementation of our new document imaging system to replace paper personnel files and other HR documents. Kathy Kugle no longer has payroll processing responsibilities as she focuses on document imaging, the HR web pages and other special projects. In addition to the reporting structure changes we have re-balanced work load by re-assigning some personnel and payroll transaction processing of various colleges and departments to different HR staff. Our contacts have been revised and are available at Please bear with us during this time of change; the end result will be better service to you!

Updated Forms Page
The Division of Human Resources Forms page, , has been updated to add alphabetical links to forms, informational and/or instructions links, the date of the forms (if any), and a reset button on the Adobe Acrobat PDF forms. The reset button allows form fields to be cleared without closing out of the form. If you have any questions or difficulties using any of the forms, please contact Kathy Kugle at or (785) 532-1885.

ING Financial Services
KSU employees have an opportunity to participate in various tax sheltered investment plans. Because KSU is both an educational institution and a governmental agency, there are two pre-tax investment plans available - 403(b) tax sheltered annuities and 457 deferred compensation.

Mr. Craig Friedrichsen, CFP, ING Financial Advisors (formerly Aetna Financial Services) is available to conduct short seminars/workshops concerning tax sheltered annuities (IRC 403(b)) and deferred compensation (IRC 457) investment planning. ING Financial Advisors is currently the single investment provider for the 457 state deferred compensation plan and one of several options for the 403(b) plan.

These presentations may be arranged during department staff meetings, brown bag lunches, etc. If members of your department are interested in finding out more about such investment opportunities, please contact Mr. Craig Friedrichsen at 1-800-232-0024. His office is in Topeka.

Questions should be addressed to Benefits Administration at (785) 532-6277.

Tuition Assistance
The Tuition and Educational Assistance Committee is now accepting tuition assistance applications for the August 2002 intersession and Fall 2002 semester. The tuition assistance program is available to both classified and unclassified professional staff employees. Approved courses include any regular curriculum undergraduate and graduate level course that carries academic credit. Details about this program and the application form (PER-32) are contained in KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4870, which can be found on the web at: The most current application form to use is dated January 2002.

An original application, along with required supporting documents for the August 2002 intersession and Fall 2002 semester are due in the Division of Human Resources by June 1, 2002.

Questions should be addressed to Joe Younger, Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277, or e-mail:

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May 10, 2002