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Topics included in the May 6, 2005 issue:

* Transfer of Payrolls – More Information
* Grants and Payroll in FIS
* Tracking Temporary and Term Appointments
* HRIS Payroll Funding Training

Transfer of Payrolls – More Information
Fiscal Year 2006 will be upon us in no time. As you are all aware, FRS will be replaced by the new Financial Information System (FIS) at the start of the 2006 fiscal year. The new financial information system, with a new chart of accounts, will also affect HRIS.

It is to each department’s advantage to balance FRS payroll accounts and do necessary transfers of payrolls before the end of fiscal year 2005. We are requesting that all departments balance their FRS payroll accounts and submit any transfer of payrolls to Human Resources by June 10, 2005. We encourage departments to run the WPOS101 report bi-weekly, prior to pay calc, to verify position funding. This is one method that can help alleviate a transfer of payroll. After fiscal year 2006 begins, payroll transfers for prior fiscal years will be more difficult due to the conversion of FRS accounts to project numbers in FIS.

The absolute final day to submit transfer of payrolls to Human Resources for fiscal year 2005 is June 10, 2005. It is imperative that we have these submitted and fed to FRS by mid June.

For a few pay periods after the July 1, 2005 implementation, we anticipate that FIS may not be quite ready to accept retroactive payroll transfers of payment to other accounts.  However, we will be accomplishing that as soon as possible as this is a key business requirement for K-State and it would not be considered to be eliminated.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Lucy Simms at (785) 532-6255 or Julie Henton at (785) 532-1883.

Grants and Payroll in FIS
Payroll may not be charged to a grant until it is established in the Financial Information System (FIS--Oracle), and the payroll charges must not begin before the "Start Date" and must end by the "End Date" of the grant.  This is nothing new, really.  Here is a link to more information on the Controller's Office web page:
and http://www.ksu.edu/controller/spa/news/awardfaq.html

If the grant is definitely going to be funded, but for some reason everything is not quite set up in FIS, payroll must be charged to an alternate account.Once the grant is properly established in FIS, a transfer of payroll charges can be made from the alternate account to the grant account, as long as the period paid is within the period of the grant, just as we do today.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Julie Henton in Payroll, Human Resources, at (785) 532-1883 or Shannon Fisher in SPA, Controller’s Office, at (785) 532-6207.

Tracking Temporary and Term Appointments
There are two HRIS reports that are excellent for tracking employees who are assigned to temporary or term appointments.  They are: End of Temporary Appointment Report and Unclassified Data Report.  Details are listed under HR Memorandums:  http://www.ksu.edu/hr/news/hrcirmemnew.htm

HRIS Payroll Funding Training
With the implementation of the new Financial Information System, the HRIS payroll funding process will change effective 06/05/05.  Information sessions and hands-on training sessions are available.  Details:  http://www.ksu.edu/hr/hris/hristschedule.htm

“The biggest problems can often lead to the most valuable opportunities. And your effort is what will make that happen.”  -- Ralph Marston

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