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Human Resources Newsletter

April 29, 2011

Topics included in this issue:

Changes to Appointment Forms

The following fields have been removed or updated on the Division of Human Resources Appointment Form (PER-38), Hourly Student Appointment Form (PER-40), and the Graduate Student Appointment Form (PER-41):

  • Mailing Address — This section has been removed from all forms. The Human Resource Information System, as well as the State Human Resource system (SHaRP), does not maintain a separate mailing address for employees. The Home Address should be the employee's local address and should reflect where any correspondence (i.e., benefits information, W-2 form, etc.) is to be mailed. Home Address also determines the state for which taxes will be withheld. For those who completed the Mailing Address in the past, perhaps for a student's hometown address, we suggest recording that data in the "Additional Information". section for your reference, or within the department's personnel records. Please encourage separating employees to update their Home Address (via Employee Self Service) to ensure the W-2 is sent to the correct address.
  • Ethnicity — The ethnic code portion of each form has been expanded to allow employees to select multiple ethnicities, if desired.
  • Military Status — The selection group on the drop-down box has been changed to include additional options for military status. Those not being used were removed. The forms now list the following options: Not indicated; No Military Status; Veteran of the Vietnam Era; Other Protected Veteran; Active Reserve; Inactive Reserve; Retired Military; Veteran . VA Eligible; Vietnam & Other Protected Vet; Armed Forces Service Medal Vet; Service Medal & Other Vet.

Thank you for your patience as we have implemented these changes. Please contact your HR liaison with questions on the forms at (785)532-6277.

Important Personnel Transaction Processing Reminders

When submitting personnel transactions to Human Resources for processing, missing or incomplete documents will delay processing and sometimes delay paychecks. For more detailed information refer to the January 7, 2011 memorandum: Important Personnel Transaction Processing Reminders. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact our office at (785) 532-6277.

Information about the Third Paycheck of the Month

Because this is the third pay check of the month, unclassified employees will not accrue vacation leave for pay period ending 4/16/2011.

Premiums for group health insurance, KPERS Optional Group Life Insurance, TEA life insurance and contributions to the KanElect flexible spending accounts are not deducted from the third paycheck. Also, no GHI double deductions for 9-month employees are taken from the third paycheck.

Unclassified Vacation Leave Accrual

Please note that unclassified employees who will have already earned 22 days (176 hours) will not accrue vacation leave for pay periods ending 5/28/2011 and 6/11/2011. These are the last two pay periods in the fiscal year and unclassified employees are only allowed to earn 22 days (176 hours) in a fiscal year. Only those unclassified employees who have not earned 22 days (176 hours) in the fiscal year will accrue vacation leave these two pay periods - these would be those employees on part-time appointments or who were appointed mid-year.

Please remind unclassified employees of these pay periods when they will not be accumulating vacation leave. Contact your HR liaison with questions at (785)532-6277.

Leave Records for FY 2012

Leave Records for Fiscal Year 2012 are now available for those who want to track their leave accruals. They may be found on our Forms Page in various formats at:

HRIS Time & Leave Archiving

Calendar year 2006 and 2007 time and leave records and leave accrual data have been archived to CD and removed from HRIS.

Calendar year 2008 and 2009 time and leave records and leave accrual data have been moved to the history pages in HRIS. To access time and leave records, go to Time and Leave > Review > Employee Work History. To access leave accrual history, go to Time & Leave > Leave Accruals — Work History.

Secure IT training for all employees is required by June 30, 2011

State of Kansas policy now requires that all state employees receive annual training in IT security each fiscal year ( The need for the training is evident, given the fact that 445 K-Staters gave their eID passwords away to criminals in 2010 in response to phishing scam e-mails. The Office of Information Security and Compliance anticipates a much lower number of compromised eIDs in 2011 because of this training! Online or face-to-face sessions are available and attendance will be recorded in HRIS to indicate that you have met the state requirement.

Personnel Specialists may run the report "EE's Who Need Course" to determine those in departments who still need to complete the course. The path in HRIS is: Enterprise Learning, Reports, EE's Who Need Course. When running the report, use the start dates of 10/12/2010 through the current date. The training records of employees who take the course online are updated immediately. The training records for those who take the course face-to-face are updated within a week.

Report Instructions:


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