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Topics included in the April 25, 2003 issue:

* Direct Deposit
* New HRIS Funding Reports
* Tracking Work Permit Expiration Dates on Foreign Nationals
* Campus Work Permits for Summer Semester

Direct Deposit
May has been designated as Direct Deposit month. As such, we ask that you encourage employees in your department who do not currently participate in direct deposit to reconsider.

Advantages of Direct Deposit:

1)                  You do not have to make a trip to the bank and wait in line to deposit your pay check.

2)                  Pay is deposited to your bank account and immediately available for use on pay day. This is particularly advantageous when you are away from home on pay day.

3)                  The potential for your pay check to be delayed or lost in the mail is eliminated.

4)                  You have the flexibility to deposit pay in multiple bank accounts at the same or different financial institutions, i.e. checking and savings accounts.

5)                  A pay advice is mailed to your home detailing gross pay, deductions, net pay, bank account information and leave balances. The pay advice is mailed two days before pay day.

6)                  In the very near future, employees will be able to view paycheck information on-line. For those employees participating in direct deposit, none of their paycheck information will be sent via mail thereby eliminating mail identity theft.

Additional information on payroll direct deposit and the “Direct Deposit of Employee Pay” form are located at Attach a deposit slip or voided blank check and send the completed for to the Division of Human Resources, 103 Edwards Hall. If you have further questions, please contact Anna Carroll at (785) 532-1898.

New HRIS Funding Reports
“Pyrl Funding: How EE (Employee) Was Funded”
This report provides funding information for one employee paid from designated FRS account(s) for a specified period of time.

“Pyrl Funding: Who on Account”
This report provides a list of employees paid from a designated FRS account for a specified period of time.

Both reports offer two options. The pay period end dates designated in the report parameters page will determine which report option you select in the Process Scheduler Request page.

These funding report instructions may be found at Questions should be addressed to Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448 or Lucy Simms at (785) 532-6255.

Tracking Work Permit Expiration Dates on Foreign Nationals
A Foreign national’s ability to be employed or compensated for services in the United States depends on his or her nonimmigrant status and on the regulations that govern his or her visa. Many visa categories, i.e. F1, J1, J2, H1B, O1 and TN allow a person to be employed or compensated by a U.S. employer. In almost every case, however, employment and compensation are restricted to a specific, sponsoring employer or organization for a fixed period of time and for a specific activity. At Kansas State University an “On Campus Work permit” indicating how long a foreign national can be employed is issued by the International Student Center for all employees. The Division of Human Resources (HR) tracks the work permit expiration date and notifies the International Student Center as well as departments when the time limits will be met. If a new work authorization is not received by the work permit expiration date the employee must be removed from the payroll and not allowed to work until such time his or her work authorization has been updated.

To ensure that the university is in compliance with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS) regulations, as well as keeping employees notified in a timely manner regarding visa/work permit expiration dates, a new online report, “Active Employees With A Visa Expiration” has been developed in HRIS. Department staff may run this report on active employees who have a Visa/Work Permit Expiration Date specified in HRIS. This report may be printed at any time and for any range of dates and is an excellent tool for tracking employees whose work permits will expire. Report instructions are found at Questions regarding this report may be addressed to Frieda Beat, (785) 532-1884 or email

Campus Work Permits for Summer Semester
Non-resident hourly student employees must have a 2003 summer On Campus Work permit to work beyond the spring semester. This includes current student employees as well as rehires and new hires. The International Student Center will begin issuing hourly student summer work permits on May 19, 2003.

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April 25, 2003