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Human Resources Electronic Newsletter
April 13, 2001

Included in this issue:
*Retirement Recognition Gift Policy
*Classified Employee Annual Leave Overage for FY 2001
*Unclassified Employee Vacation Leave Earnings
*Sub-Unit ID on Time & Leave Document
*Updated PPM Chapter 4940, Paycheck Distribution
*Updated PPM Chapters

Retirement Recognition Gift Policy
It is the practice of Kansas State University to recognize employees at the time of their retirement for their performance of duties and length of service. The University often awards various gifts and honoraria to its employees. Please review KSU Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 4812 concerning the established policy and taxing guidance.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

Classified Employee Annual Leave Overage for FY 2001
This is a reminder that classified employees have until June 9, 2001, to use any annual leave hours over their maximum allowed accumulation. For the pay period May 27, 2001 to June 9, 2001, any annual leave hours used will be subtracted from the annual leave balance before the leave balance is reduced to the maximum allowed accumulation. The amount accrued for the pay period ending June 9, 2001, will then be added to the annual leave balance. This means the employee does not lose the annual leave hours accrued for that pay period. Annual leave overages are listed on the employee Statement of Earnings as "AO." Please notify your employees that, if the annual leave overages are not used by June 9, 2001, those hours will be lost. As an alternative, classified employees may wish to donate excess annual leave hours to a Shared Leave recipient.

Questions regarding annual leave overages and maximum accumulations should be addressed to your HR Information Management Liaison at (785) 532-6277. Questions regarding the Shared Leave Program should be addressed to Joe Younger, Benefits Administration at (785) 532-6277.

Unclassified Employee Vacation Leave Earnings
This is a reminder that unclassified employees, appointed to twelve-month positions, may earn vacation leave to a maximum of 22 days (176 hours) per fiscal year. Vacation leave is earned for the first and second biweekly pay periods during the first eleven months of the fiscal year. No vacation leave is earned on the third pay date in any month, such as March 30 and August 31 this year. Employees appointed after the beginning of the fiscal year will earn vacation leave during the twelfth month (June) as long as it does not exceed the 22 day maximum.

Also, the maximum number of accrued vacation leave days is limited to 38 (304 hours). At the time this threshold is achieved, vacation leave hours will not be earned until the 38 day balance is reduced.

Questions should be addressed to Benefits Administration, at (785) 532-6277.

Sub-Unit ID on Time & Leave Document
The Sub-Unit ID now appears on the Time and Leave Document when you use "Print Employee Time Docís" to print a single document. In the past, the Sub-Unit ID was only appearing on the documents that were printed using "Print Department Time Docís."

Updated PPM Chapter 4940, Paycheck Distribution
KSU Policy and Procedures Manual 4940, Paycheck Distribution has been revised effective April 12, 2001 to reflect the department's roll in making address changes in HRIS and the timing of inactivating direct deposit information.

Updated PPM Chapters
The following KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapters have been updated to include current year forms pertaining to those specific chapters.

PPM Chapter 4720, Hourly Student Employees, updated W-4 form,
PPM Chapter 9400, Human Resources Forms, Instructions and Attachments, updated W-4 and W-5 forms.

"Any time there's a need for someone to take responsibility, there's an enormous opportunity. Those who have the foresight to accept it will rise quickly to ever-increasing success."

- Ralph Marston

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December 18, 2001