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Division of Human Resources-Newsletter

Topics included in the April 7, 2006 issue:

*Verification of Work Phone and Work Address in HRIS
*Employees with Salaries Below $23,660
*Personnel Specialist Training
*Classified Salary Increases and Performance Reviews
*Retirement Recognition Gift Policy
*Employment Services Reminders
*Leave Accrual – Unclassified Exempt
*Classified Employee Vacation Leave Overage for FY 2006
*Tuition Reduction Program for Spouses and Dependents

Verification of Work Phone and Work Address in HRIS
The Campus Phonebook is updated once a year. However, information is provided nightly to Computing and Network Services to update the K-State People Directory (online university directory) which also lists information regarding employees’ work phone, campus address and title. In an effort to improve data accuracy of the online directory, we are asking your help to verify that the work address/phone and employee job title and/or business title is correct. The Active Position Listing report provides information about active positions work address/phone, employee job title and/or business title as well as reports to number, title and name. This report is available for departments to run in HRIS. Instructions for running this report in HRIS are available at http://www.ksu.edu/hr/hris/hris-reports.html under "Other Reports."

If you find any discrepancies please cross out the incorrect information and indicate the new information and return a copy of the listing to Human Resources (only if there are changes) as soon as possible but no later than April 14, 2006. For more details please refer to the March 31, 2006 memorandum http://www.k-state.edu/hr/news/hrmem.htm.

Employees with Salaries Below $23,660
Employees with salaries below $455 per week ($23,660 annual) are automatically non-exempt and eligible for overtime pay. This is true for all employees, including part-time. (The salary is not prorated to full-time equivalent for part-time employees.) The only exception to the salary level is for teachers. There are still a number of employees being appointed as exempt whose salaries fall below $455 per week. We will automatically default any employees below the salary threshold to non-exempt. You must generate time sheets for these employees who must report hours worked.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Harvey at (785) 532-1868.

Personnel Specialist Training
The Division of Human Resources will be presenting training for summer 2006 transaction guidelines and procedures. The information provided in this session is designed for those personnel specialists responsible for completing summer transactions for hourly students, graduate students, and unclassified employees.

Our office has received inquiries as to whether there are NEW procedures this year with regard to summer processing. Please note that there are no major changes this year to the summer process. This session is considered a refresher course for those who have processed summer transactions previously or an introductory course for those who have never processed summer transactions. The information contained in the email announcing the training indicated there would be "NEW guides and procedures." This only means that we will provide you with updated dates and information regarding the 2006 summer pay periods and process.

To register for this course, email training@ksu.edu. Include your name, department, employee ID number (required), course title and session date. An e-mail response to the sender confirms your registration.

Please contact your HR liaison at (785)532-6277 with any questions regarding this training.

Classified Salary Increases and Performance Reviews
The Division of Human Resources encourages all personnel specialists to run the "Employee Performance Review Report7quot; for classified employees in your department(s). This report is used to view the classified performance reviews due for a selected duration within a selected department or major administrative unit/college. It will identify those who have an upcoming review due date and/or those that are overdue.

House Bill 2968, currently pending in the legislature, proposes a single pay step increase on the pay plan for each person in the classified service who has a performance review rating higher than below expectations during the twelve-month period preceding September 10, 2006. If passed, classified employees who do not have a current review rating higher than below expectations on file with the Division of Human Resources will not receive this 2.5% step movement.

We encourage departments to run the report and identify those employees who might be affected. Supervisors for employees shown on the list should be alerted to this pending legislation.

For instructions on how to run this report, please refer to the HR web site: http://www.k-state.edu/hr/hris/hris-reports.html#oth. Please contact Alma Deutsch at (785) 532-1448 or Kristi Fronce at (785) 532-1889 with questions or concerns.

Retirement Recognition Gift Policy
It is the practice of Kansas State University to recognize employees at the time of their retirement for their performance of duties and length of service. The University often awards various gifts and honoraria to its employees. Please review KSU Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 4812 concerning the established policy and taxing guidance.

Questions should be addressed to the Division of Human Resources, Benefits Administration at (785) 532-6277.

Employment Services Reminders
Veterans’ Preference for Classified Recruitment
Reminder of requirements by K.A.R. 1-6-21 - All applicants identified with "Veterans’ Preference Verified7quot; on the Certified Applicant Summary MUST be offered an interview.

Classified Recruitment – Request for Certified Names
The following documentation should be submitted with each request for classified recruitment.

  1. Request for Certified Names, (PER-5)
  2. Initial Screening of Candidates criteria, (AA-28)
  3. A copy of job related interview questions

Contact Cheryl Grice for additional information at (785) 532-1899.

Classified Temporary Hires
Departments must obtain prior approval for all Temporary new hires and rehires. Contact Cheryl Grice for verbal approval at (785) 532-1899. The following documentation should be submitted to Employment Services upon approval.

  1. Letter from Dean of Department Head requesting permission to hire.
  2. KSU Employment application, (PER-4)
  3. Affirmative Action Classified Selection Report, (PER-10)

Leave Accrual – Unclassified Exempt
Unclassified exempt employees earn annual leave the first and second bi-weekly pay periods during the first 11 months of the fiscal year. The maximum annual leave accrual limit is 22 days (176 Hours) per fiscal year. This year, those appointed full-time at the beginning of the 2006 fiscal year will reach their maximum accrual limit the 24th pay period of the fiscal year (4/23/06-5/6/06). These employees will not earn annual leave the last two pay periods of the fiscal year because they will have reached their maximum accrual limit. And, they will not earn annual leave the last pay period (27th pay period) of the fiscal year because it is the third pay day of the month.

Unclassified exempt employees appointed after the beginning of the fiscal year or appointed part-time will earn annual leave the 25th and 26th pay periods of the fiscal year, as long as they do not exceed the 22-day maximum. Questions may be directed to Alma Deutsch at almamd@ksu.edu or Kristi Fronce at fronce@ksu.edu.

Classified Employee Vacation Leave Overage for FY 2006
Classified employees have until June 17, 2006, to use any vacation leave hours over their maximum allowed accumulation. For the pay period June 4, 2006 to June 17, 2006, any vacation leave hours used will be subtracted from the vacation leave balance before the leave balance is reduced to the maximum allowed accumulation. The amount accrued for the pay period ending June 17, 2006, will then be added to the vacation leave balance. This means the employee does not lose the vacation leave hours accrued for that pay period. Vacation leave overages are listed in Employee Self Service as "hours over limit," and on the employee Statement of Earnings as "vacation overage."

If an employee has a vacation leave overage on June 17, 2006, up to 40 hours of any excess accrued vacation leave will automatically convert to sick leave. After this conversion, all remaining vacation leave over the maximum allowed accumulation of hours will be forfeited.

Please advise your employees of both these provisions. Questions regarding vacation leave overage and maximum accumulations should be addressed to your HR Payroll and Employee Data Liaison at (785) 532-6277.

Tuition Reduction Program for Spouses and Dependents
The Office of Student Financial Assistance has announced that the Tuition Reduction Program for Spouses and Dependents of Full-Time K-State employees will continue for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Employees whose spouse, son or daughter participated in this program during the 2005-2006 academic year will need to re-apply for the 2006-2007 academic year. Information about this program and the application form may be found at: http://www.k-state/sfa/spousedepgrant/ or by calling the Student Financial Assistance office at (785) 532-6420.


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