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Human Resources Newsletter

March 30, 2012

Topics included in this issue:

Unclassified Vacation Leave Accrual

The March 30, 2012 paycheck is the third paycheck in the month of March and unclassified employees who earn vacation leave do not earn vacation leave when there is a third paycheck in a month. This occurs two times each year.

Unclassified employees are limited to earning 22 days (176 hours) of vacation leave in a fiscal year. Because of this limitation, there are also two pay periods at the end of each fiscal year when unclassified employees will not earn vacation leave. Those pay periods will be 5/26/2012 (paycheck dated 6/8/2012) and 6/9/2012 (paycheck dated 6/22/2012). Unclassified employees who have not earned 22 days (176 hours) in the fiscal year will accrue vacation leave these last two pay periods. These would be employees on part-time appointments or who were appointed mid-year.

Please email your HR liaison with questions.

Mid-Year Performance Discussions Reminder

The classified Performance Management Process requires that a Mid-Year Discussion take place between April 1 and June 30 of each year for all classified employees, except those on probation. This discussion is a face-to-face meeting between the supervisor and employee to discuss progress on objectives and performance levels on the competencies identified during the Performance Planning process. This meeting should be documented on the Performance Management Process form and the supervisor and employee must sign and date the Mid-Year Discussion signature block. No paperwork needs to be submitted to Human Resources regarding this meeting.

If you have questions, please contact Gina Lowe at 785 532-1878 or Karla Bylund at 785 532-1869.

Appointment End Date

Department personnel specialists have access to update the Appointment End Date in HRIS for those in non-benefit positions. This date may be extended or updated using appropriate timelines and will be the trigger used to automatically terminate these employees during the payroll process.

The HRIS Schedule/Calendar normally identifies the Thursday prior to the last day of the pay period as the Last Day to Update End of Temporary Appointment Date.

Appointment End Date Instructions/Report appear on the following HR web page:

New HRIS Report - Position Funding Changes

This report identifies and summarizes position funding changes updated on-line in HRIS between selected dates. Instructions: (pdf)


Reminder - Paychecks for March 30, 2012, do not have any deductions taken for health and life insurance or flexible spending accounts.

Reminder - Health insurance plans for 2013 require employees to accrue 20 credits by July 31, 2012, to receive a premium reduction of $480 next year. Ten of the 20 points have specific criteria, i.e., are awarded based on participation in a mandatory health screening (from a free screening or by a private physician) and a health assessment. The required health assessment must be completed by establishing an account on the Health Quest portal and entering the data from a health screening. The other 10 points can be earned by various methods. In early March, more than 3000 employees have either not logged into the portal to establish an account, or of those who have, haven't accumulated the required 20 points. (Note: Employees hired on or after 3/1/12, must complete the Health Screening/Assessment within 90 days of hire to earn 10 credits and receive discount for 2012 and 2013.)

Please stress this requirement to employees in your department through newsletters, bulletin board announcements, or other means. Direct employees to

Reminder - Free Seminars

Human Resources is again hosting benefits presentations in April. These are free seminars. Please share these opportunities with employees in your department. Complete information was sent to you by Training staff in a separate email and is also available on the HR home page.

  1. Long-term Care Insurance presentations - Lunch and Learn will be held on April 4, 2012. There will be two sessions at 11:30 am and 12:30 pm in the Leadership Studies Building, Room 201. Employees may sign up by contacting Legacy directly at 800-230-3398, ext. 101 or via email at Guests of employees are welcome.
  2. Medicare Basics for Boomers and Beyond - Jennifer Wilson, Riley County Extension Agent will present this seminar on April 3, 2012, at 6 pm in the Alumni Center Ballroom. Registration is through the Division of Human Resources self-service or by emailing Guests of employees are welcome.

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