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Human Resources Newsletter

March 1, 2013

Topics included in this issue:

"Reports To" Field Removed from the PER-40 and PER-41

Personnel specialists have the ability to update the "Reports To" (Supervisor's Position Number) directly in HRIS. To avoid confusion, we have removed this field from the Hourly Student Data Sheet (PER-40) and Graduate Student Data Sheet (PER-41) and are requesting that personnel specialists update this information in HRIS. Instructions for updating the "Reports To" are located on the HR web page under Position Update Instructions. (pdf) When updating this information for a new employee, it is important to use the same effective date as the hire date. If there are instances where a personnel specialist is unable to update "Reports To" in HRIS, a Position Data Sheet (PER-36) may be submitted to request a change for all types of employees.

Why is the "Reports To" field important?

It is used to determine department reporting hierarchy. The information is critical in the HRIS workflow process that notifies supervisors when their employee's time entry is ready to review. It is also used with regard to performance review tracking. As we develop more enhancements in HRIS, this field will become increasingly important.

Summer 2013 will have 7 Pay Periods

There will be seven summer pay periods this summer. The first summer pay period will begin 5/12/2013 and the last summer pay period will end 8/17/2013. Nine month employees will have seven unpaid summer pay periods unless they have summer school or summer appointments. Nine month employees with summer school appointments will have at least one unpaid pay period during this summer ― most likely the first pay period. These employees may want to begin early planning for this situation. Contact Julie Henton at if you have concerns.

Fall 2013 Academic Contract Start Date will be August 18, 2013

Based on the University Handbook's requirement (see excerpt below) that the nine month appointee's salary is paid beginning with the first pay date in September, the first pay period of the academic year for Fall 2013 will begin on August 18, 2013. The check date will be September 13, 2013. Contracts for 9 month employees should begin August 18, 2013 and end May 24, 2014.

University Handbook:
C22.3 A nine-month appointee's salary is paid bi-weekly beginning the first pay date in September. Full or part-time summer teaching or other duties may be available for nine-month faculty members as determined by need and resources and at the discretion of the department head.

The academic pay period start date and the semester class start date have been moving apart for several years and this will more closely align these dates. Please contact Julie Henton at if you have questions.

Fiscal Year 2014 and 2015 Paydates

Pay periods/dates are available for Fiscal Year 2014 and 2015 at:

HRIS/Employee Self Service Upgrade

HRIS/Employee Self Service will be upgraded and unavailable beginning at 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 8 through 5:00 p.m. Saturday, March 9. The upgrade will be transparent to most users and will not have any effect on navigation or page display.

Payroll Chat Newsletter

Payroll & Employee Data staff has developed a "Payroll Chat" newsletter that will be posted monthly under Hot Topics for Personnel Specialists on the HR home page. This is an informal newsletter that briefly touches on current topics and pertinent issues in payroll. If there are topics you would like to see addressed, please send your suggestions to

Benefits Information and Events:
  • Long-Term Care sessions will be held over lunch hour on April 2, 2013, in Leadership Studies Building. More information will follow.
  • Medicare Basics Session will be offered at 6 pm on April 4, 2013, in the Alumni Center. More information will follow.
  • Short-term Disability insurance — Voluntary insurance option available! More information to follow.

Free Biometric Screenings: Please share this information with employees. It also appears on HR's main page under Hot Topics for Employees and was featured in K-State Today in January and again yesterday, Thursday, February 28.

Sign up for a free Biometric Screening appointment on the days listed below. A biometric screening is necessary to complete the online health assessment questionnaire, which is required to be eligible for discounted premiums on health insurance. These free screenings are one of three ways to get your biometric information, with the other two choices a home test or visit to your physician. The Biometric Screening results and completion of the online Health Assessment Questionnaire are required and worth 10 of the total 30 credits needed by July 31, 2013 to receive the discounted premium for Plan Year (calendar) 2014. Biometric screening results, the online Health Assessment Questionnaire, and any additional credits you earn throughout this period must be manually entered into the portal at Complete information on this portion of the requirement is available on the Health Screening Website.

New employees with health coverage effective 3/1/13 or later will pay the standard premium until they have completed the Biometric Screening, online Health Assessment Questionnaire (10 credits) and earned an additional 20 credits.

Upcoming Screening Dates at Peters Recreation Center
  • Tuesday, March 12 - Deadline to sign up is March 7 at midnight
  • Wednesday, March 13 - Deadline to sign up is March 8 at midnight
  • Thursday, March 14 - Deadline to sign up is March 11 at midnight
  • Friday, March 15 - Deadline to sign up is March 12 at midnight
  • Tuesday, May 7 - Deadline to sign up is May 2 at midnight
  • Wednesday, May 8 - Deadline to sign up is May 3 at midnight
  • Thursday, May 9 - Deadline to sign up is May 6 at midnight
  • Friday, May 10 - Deadline to sign up is May 7 at midnight
  • Tuesday, June 4 - Deadline to sign up is May 29 at midnight
  • Wednesday, June 5 - Deadline to sign up is May 30 at midnight
  • Thursday, June 6 - Deadline to sign up is June 3 at midnight
  • Friday, June 7 - Deadline to sign up is June 4 at midnight
To Sign Up:
  1. Log in to your account on the wellness portal at and click on "Biometric Screenings" from the left menu and then select "Onsite Screenings"
  2. If you do not have internet access or have trouble with the online site, call toll-free 1-888-275-1205 and select option 5 for assistance making an appointment
  3. The early slots fill up quickly so make your appointment as soon as possible

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