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Topics included in the February 27, 2004 issue:

* Performance Review Due Report Reminder
* Entering Appointment End Date in HRIS

Performance Review Due Report Reminder
This is a reminder to print the Performance Review Due Report for your department. This report is used to view the classified performance reviews due for a selected duration and should be printed on a regular basis to inform supervisors prior to when the review is actually due. The path and the instructions for the report may be found at: .

Entering Appointment End Date in HRIS
This is a reminder that department personnel officers/specialists have access to update Appointment End Date in HRIS. This field is only used for hourly student and graduate student appointments and will allow you to extend appointments, to terminate an hourly student or graduate student appointment. This process will eliminate the need for a paper transaction as long as the entry is made in a timely manner. The date entered in the Appointment End Date field will be the employee’s last day at work and will be used as a trigger to automatically insert a termination row in Job Data. The effective date of the termination row in Job Data will be one day after the Appointment End Date. For example, if 2/14/04 is entered as the Appointment End Date, the termination effective date automatically entered in Job Data will be 2/15/04. Use only current or future pay periods for the employee when updating HRIS. All on-line entries must be completed in HRIS by 6:00pm on the Thursday prior to the end of the pay period. This will ensure that the automatic termination is done timely and will prevent a time document from being created for nonexempt employees for the next pay period. For complete instructions regarding this process, please refer to the HR web site at: . Please contact your department liaison with questions at 532-6277.

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February 27, 2004