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Topics included in the February 13, 2004 issue:

* Leave Request for EXEMPT Employees
* Notary Public Appointments

Leave Request for EXEMPT Employees
In the January 16 HR Newsletter, we introduced the on-line Leave Request forms.  It's important that the APPROVED Leave Request for EXEMPT employees is printed and maintained for documentation in accordance with the time and leave retention policy.

The supervisor must ensure that either an electronic copy or a printed copy of the APPROVED Leave Request is provided to the department timekeeper.  Revised instructions appear on the forms page:

It is not necessary to print the approved Leave Request for NONEXEMPT employees since leave is recorded on the Time and Leave Document and signed by the employee and the supervisor.

Notary Public Appointments
Notary Public Appointments
To renew your Notary Public appointment or to request a new Notary Public application, contact Kris Mauck at the Division of Human Resources, (785) 532-6277.  These appointment forms should come from our office, if you receive a Notary Public appointment form from any other company, please discard it.

"When you know HOW to say "no" and WHEN to say "Yes," you will have power." -- Dr. Alan Zimmerman

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February 13, 2004