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January 5, 2001

Included in this issue:
*PPM Chapter 4220 Revised
*Revised HRIS Schedule
*Hourly Student Terminations for Spring 2001
*On Campus Work Permits
*Shared Leave Program
*Paycheck Deductions
*Payroll Payments by Account
*Session Rescheduled

PPM Chapter 4220 Revised
KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4220 – Hours of Work, Overtime, and Compensatory Time, has been revised regarding counting a holiday as work time in emergency situations and regarding the ability of departments to require employees to use compensatory time leave. You may view this chapter at:

Revised HRIS Schedule
Just a reminder that a revised HRIS Schedule for January 2001 was mailed before the Christmas holidays. The payroll processing dates for the pay period ending (PPE) 1-06-01 had to be moved up one day due to the Martin Luther King holiday. Please note that the Preliminary Pay Calc for PPE 1-6-01 will be Monday night, January 8, after 6pm and Final Pay Calc will run after 6pm on Tuesday, January 9. This means that Time & Leave for PPE 1-6-01 needs to be entered before the Preliminary Pay Calc runs on Monday, January 8.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule please contact Frieda Beat at 785 532-1884.

Hourly Student Terminations for Spring 2001
Student employees currently on the payroll and who will not be enrolled during the spring semester must be terminated no later than January 11, 2001, with last day of work being Wednesday, January 10, 2001. Please submit individual Hourly Student Data Sheets or blanket listings indicating Employee’s name, Employee ID, Record #, Position # and effective date of termination. Students not enrolled during the Fall 00 semester but who are now enrolled for the spring semester may begin employment on January 7 or later.

Reminder: To be eligible for employment as an hourly student employee, a person must be at least 16 years old (at least 18 years old for employment in the Division of Facilities) and must be enrolled at K-State in at least one credit hour during the fall or spring semester.

For more information on student employment please refer to the Hourly Student Employment Guidelines available on the following website or KSU Policy & Procedures Manual Chapter 4270, Hourly Student Employees

On Campus Work Permits
This is a reminder that non-resident alien hourly student employees must have a 2001 Spring On Campus Work Permit completed and submitted to our office. This includes current student employees as well as rehires and new hires. On campus work permits are required each semester on hourly non-resident alien students. For all other non-resident alien employees such as graduate students and faculty, work permits are required at the time of hire and usually go through the end of their appointment. The on campus work permit is obtained through the International Student Center.

Shared Leave Program
The Kansas Board of Regents has recently amended the policy on Shared Leave donations of sick leave by unclassified employees. Unclassified employees may now donate any amount of accrued sick leave so long as the donor has 480 hours of accrued sick leave remaining after the donation is made, unless the unclassified employee donates sick leave at the time of separation from state service.

Paycheck Deductions
Please be aware that today's paycheck, 1/5/01, includes several changes from the last paycheck in December, including: new United Way deduction, plan year 2001 FSA deductions, parking deduction is now pre-tax, and new federal withholding rates. The plan year 2001 health insurance premiums will not be deducted until the next paycheck, 1/19/01, so this paycheck includes the final deduction for plan year 2000.

Also, we have received several phone calls regarding a missing code on the paycheck statement of earnings. The "Codes" column on the statement of earnings previously contained the codes "ABC". Now only "AB" are appearing. We have contacted the Division of Accounts and Reports regarding this matter and they are looking into their programs. Please advise inquiring employees that they are still covered under the life and disability insurance (Code "C").

Please contact your payroll liaison with any questions at 785 532-6277.

Payroll Payments by Account
Unfortunately, you are still not able to print payroll payments by account for the on-cycle payroll for pay period ending 12/23/00. We hope to have all the programming complete by Tuesday, January 9th.

The modification includes adding a new column, labeled 'OTHER', to the payroll payments by account report. This column will include the new pre-tax parking administrative expense fee. This fee is calculated by taking the employee's pre-tax parking deduction and multiplying by 7.65%. The fee will only be charged on those employees participating in the pre-tax parking deduction.
At this time, we have decided not to modify the KSUVM version of the payroll payments by account which means that you will no longer be able to download from KSUVM. If this is a problem for your department, please contact Patsy Havenstein at 785 532-1883 or

We will notify you as soon as the reports are ready to run. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Session Rescheduled
The information session "Classified Employee Rights and Responsibilities" has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 18, 2001. Those who were previously enrolled will be reconfirmed by Training and Development. Please contact them at or at 785 532-3390 with any questions.

It always takes less time to do something right than it does to do it over and certainly less time than trying to explain why you did it wrong in the first place. - John M. Capozzi

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December 18, 2001